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Admission Schedule for April 2018 Entry

(Time of Enrollment for AY 2018 is April ONLY)

(in Japan Standard Time)
Application Period
(screening fee payment period)
(online registration period)
Oct 9~Oct 20, 2017
Interview Date
(if required)
Nov 11, 2017
Announcement of Successful Applicants Nov 16, 2017
School Starts Beginning of April 2018

Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines for April 2018 Entry *2017/07/31 updated



All applicants who are not native speakers of English or do not have receive a degree from an institute of higher education (university of higher) in English-speaking countries are required to submit English test results.
It takes long time for mail delivery, so please be sure to prepare them as early as possible.

According to their website, the official score reports will be sent to recipients approximately 13 days after your test date. Mail delivery needs more time to reach.
Please refer to the URL below for their test schedule.

According to the website, IELTS score report will be available 13 days after you complete the test.
Please find their test schedule from the URL below.

The official website says that TOEIC score takes 2 to 4 weeks to be sent to recipients.
Please check the test schedule on their website.


The Waseda LL.M. is considerably more affordable than comparable programs in the English-speaking world.

Admission Fee 200,000 JPY
Annual Tuition 875,000 JPY
Seminar Fee 3,000 JPY
Membership Fees 52,500 JPY
Total 1,130,500 JPY
  • If you are currently enrolled in, graduated from, completed, or withdrawn from an undergraduate, graduate , or specialized program of Waseda University, you are not required to pay the Admission Fee.
  • If you are currently enrolled in or graduated from any school of Waseda University, you are not required to pay 40,000 JPY from Membership Fees (Alumni Association Fee).
  • If you are currently enrolled in or graduated from the School of Law, Waseda University, you are not required to pay 2,000 JPY from Membership Fees (Waseda University Academic Society Enrollment Fee).
  • For more information of the fee deduction, please refer to the “Guide to Enrollment of Procedures” sent to successful applicants.

Financial Aid

Prospective students may qualify for scholarships from Waseda, the Japanese government, and other funding sources. Students will apply for scholarships after entering the school (in April).

Types of Awards Name of Scholarship Content Number of Recipients (tentative)
Waseda University Scholarships Okuma Memorial Awards ¥400,000 / year 2
Ono Azusa Memorial Scholarship ¥400,000 / year TBD
Reserved Scholarship for Successful International Examinees ¥500,000/year 1
Waseda University Partial Tuition-Waiver Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students Covering 50% of annual tuition 1
Non-University Scholarships Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students ¥48,000/month
Japanese Government Scholarship (SGU) ¥144,000/month
(864,000/half year)
Suenobu Foundation Scholarship ¥600,000/year 1
Scholarship  from Masumoto Scholarship Foundation ¥30,000/month



1) Is it necessary to contact a professor before applying?

No, it is not necessry for this program.

2) Is a law undergraduate degree necessary?

No, but having a law background is helpful and desired.

3) Is September Entry available?

No, only April Entry is available for this program.

4) Can I apply even if I will not have a bachelor’s degree by the date of entrance?

No, the LL.M. is a master program, so a bachelor’s degree or higher is required.
Also, all LL.M. classes start in April and you have to participate from the first orientation scheduled in the beginning of April. Therefore, you have to have a bachelor’s or higher degree before attending classes starting in April.

However, if you are expected to graduate, do not have any classes in your university from April to the date of graduation and can attend all classes in Japan, and you have been enrolled at a university for more than three years (or have completed 15 years of school education overseas or are scheduled to complete such education by the enrollment date) and have been recognized by us as having earned a specified number of credits with an excellent academic record, you may allow to apply for our LL.M..
(Chinese three-year university(専科)graduates excluded.)

For more information, please refer to “Applicant Eligibility” on the Application Guidelines.

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