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The Waseda LL.M. is a one-year master’s degree program offered by Waseda University Graduate School of Law in Tokyo, Japan.

Founded in 1882, Waseda University is a top private university in Japan. As a leading university in Asia, Waseda attracts more international students than any other Japanese university. Waseda University Faculty of Law is widely considered a top institution of legal learning in the country.

In the Waseda LL.M., all classes are conducted in English. By providing both theoretical and practical expertise on Asian economic integration and law, we train legal, business, and government leaders looking to make a difference in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

If you are interested in the nexus of law and economy from an international perspective, a Waseda LL.M. may be for you.

Information Session for 2021 April Entry

Date and Time

6 p.m. to 7 p.m., July 25 2020 (Sat)

Admission Policy

Based on its educational philosophy of “Independence of Learning,” Waseda University welcomes many students from Japan and the rest of the world who have a solid basic academic ability and thriving intellectual curiosity, a rich spirit of enterprise reflecting this university’s philosophy, and a strong motivation to study. In this Graduate School, we recognize that there are many talented people from diverse backgrounds, including new graduates who wish to conduct research in their own special field of law, mature students who wish to enhance their expertise in specific fields of law, others with legal qualifications or commensurate ability who wish to improve their research skills, and international students seeking to receive a high-level legal education in Japan. We will create and operate an appropriate entrance selection system to address this diversity and to attain our goal of nurturing human resources who not only have advanced skill in legal research, but also have a “legal mind” and can convey the outcome of their research constructively and with precise logic. Given that one of our missions is to train researchers, it is only natural that certain levels of academic knowledge and ability are expected requirements for selection; but it is also desirable to accept students who spare no effort and motivation in maximizing their own latent ability.

Program Objectives

We prepare students for a wide range of careers, including:

Specialized, Transnational Legal Practice


Tax, immigration, maritime, labor, regulatory compliance, finance, human rights, and commercial law

The Waseda LL.M. Can…

…provide specialized knowledge for practicing attorneys and legal professionals who seek to hone their expertise, and also prepare non-native English speakers to enter law school in the English-speaking world.

Public Policy and Global Development


  • International organizations such as the UN, EU, APEC, the IMF, and the World Bank
  • National civil service
  • International NGOs, NPOs, and think tanks

The Waseda LL.M. Can…

…guide recent graduates into these fields as well as provide mid-career civil servants and practitioners in the Pacific Rim with area expertise and networking opportunities.

Diplomacy and Security


Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Department, national defense agencies

The Waseda LL.M. Can…

…train would-be and mid-career officers in both conceptual theory and site-specific knowledge of Asian affairs.

International Dispute Resolution or Law Enforcement


International Court of Justice, international commercial arbitration, police agencies, Interpol

The Waseda LL.M. Can…

…deepen know-how in negotiating sensitive challenges across cultural boundaries.

International Business


Multinational firms in the private sector

The Waseda LL.M. Can…

…jump-start careers for forward-looking professionals eager to acquire new skills and expand their horizons.



Universities and research institutes around the world

The Waseda LL.M. Can…

…prepare students to pursue further advanced degrees such as a Ph.D. and launch a career teaching comparative law or business.

Our Curriculum

The LL.M. curriculum is robust yet flexible. It provides both a solid theoretical foundation and real-life know-how while allowing students to freely pursue their own intellectual interests. The program requires 15 semester-long courses (3 required courses; 12 electives) for completion. Each course meets weekly for 90 minutes, and small class size – about 10 students each – ensures an interactive, engaging learning experience. The program culminates in a master’s thesis, usually a research paper on a topic of the student’s interest. Although Japanese language is not required, students can choose to take a Japanese language course, which counts towards the degree requirement. International students can also enroll in additional Japanese language courses offered by Waseda’s Center for Japanese Language.

Full-time students are expected to complete the curriculum in one Japanese academic year, which begins in April and ends the following March.


In addition, we will help you find internship opportunities with law firms, companies, and government agencies in the Tokyo area.

Our Faculty

Waseda University Graduate School of Law features leading legal scholars with an exemplary record of teaching, research, and practice. They have earned advanced degrees from top universities around the globe. They remain professionally active all over the world and are comfortable working with non-Japanese students. Because the student-faculty ratio in the LL.M. program is very low, you can expect to receive hands-on, personalized attention from our highly dedicated professors.

Noriyuki AOKI

青木 則幸

  • Title : Professor
  • Research Field : Civil law
  • Courses Taught : Japanese Real Estate Law in a Globalized Market; Global Economy and the Law relating to Secured Transactions in Japan

Hiroyuki BANZAI


  • Title : Professor
  • Research Field : International law
  • Courses Taught : Principles of International Law

Shuichi FURUYA

古谷 修一

  • Title : Professor
  • Research Field : International law
  • Courses Taught : International Human Rights Law


河野 真理子

  • Title : Professor
  • Research Field : International law
  • Courses Taught : International Law of the Sea; International Disputes Concerning the Law of the Sea and Asia



  • Title : Professor
  • Research Field : Criminal law
  • Courses Taught : Transnational Crime in Asia; Substantive Criminal Law in Japan: an Asia-Pacific Perspective


中村 民雄

  • Title : Professor
  • Research Field : Comparative Law, European Union Law
  • Courses Taught : Legal Regulation of Global and Macro-Regional Markets; Comparative Law of Regional Integration: EU, ASEAN and APEC


  • Title :Associate Professor
  • Research Field : International Jurisprudence
  • Courses Taught : Commercial Arbitration in East Asia; Conflict of Laws; Moot Mediation



  • Title : Associate Professor
  • Research Field : Intellectual Property Law
  • Courses Taught : Comparative Studies of Intellectual Property Law; Law and Practice of International Business Transaction in East Asia I and II; Japanese Language (Japanese Legal Terms and Expressions) I and II



  • Title : Professor
  • Research FieldCivil law
  • Courses Taught : Law of Contract and Torts in Japan



  • Title : Professor
  • Research Field : International law
  • Courses Taught : International Trade Law



  • Title : Professor
  • Research Field : Japanese history
  • Courses Taught : Japanese Language (Japanese Legal Terms and Expressions) I and II



  • Title : Professor
  • Research Field : Labor and Employment Law
  • Courses Taught : Japanese Labor and Employment Law in a Comparative Context



  • Title : Professor
  • Research Field : Commercial and Finance Law
  • Courses Taught : Legal Issues on Corporate Governance in Japan; Regulation of Financial Markets in Japan


  • Title : Assistant Professor
  • Research Field : Intellectual Property Law
  • Courses Taught : Introduction to IP Law

Student Profiles

The Waseda LL.M. welcomes students from all over the world. We value intellectual diversity and will consider applicants with various academic, professional, and personal experiences; educational or professional background in law, economics, or business is helpful, but not required. Prospective students include current undergraduates, post-graduates, and mid-career professionals. No knowledge of Japanese language is necessary. Waseda University will sponsor student visas for non-Japanese nationals.

For those who have not yet been to Japan or Asia, a Waseda LL.M. is a great way to begin a new journey. For those already in Japan, a Waseda LL.M. can be an ideal way to jump-start your international career.

Digital Pamphlet


Master's Thesis (Research Paper)

Reseach Paper should be prepared on the following schedule.

Procedure Schedule
1 Selecting a topic and a supervisor During the spring semester
2 Submission of Research Paper plan By the end of spring semester
3 Submission of first draft to supervisor In the middle of December
4 Submission of Research Paper In the middle of January
5 Master’s Thesis (Research Paper) defense The end of January
6 Announcement of result In the beginning of March

The above schedule applies for students aiming completion in one year (from April to March). This may differ for students wishing to graduate in different schedule.

Common Criteria for Assessing LL.M. Research Papers


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