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As part of its educational philosophy “Independence of Learning”, Waseda University welcomes numerous students from Japan and around the world who possess a certain level of basic academic ability, a strong intellectual curiosity, a richly progressive spirit in accordance with the University’s philosophy, and a passion to learn.

In particular, the School of Human Sciences can accept students who have done either arts or sciences up to high school. This is because the School has compiled an educational curriculum based on research that goes beyond the framework of arts and sciences. While examinees who have been in either the arts or sciences up to high school are able to graduate by continuing to take classes in either the arts or sciences after they enroll, it is also possible for students who were in arts up to high school to progress to a science laboratory and for students who were in science to progress to an arts research office. It is preferable to have sufficient basic academic ability and a wide field of vision without being bound by its framework. Accordingly, the School enables students to take the general entrance exam selecting either three arts subjects or three science subjects.

The spirit to take on the challenge of new fields without fearing anything is essential in the study of human science. I sincerely expect to see the challenges of everybody with interest and curiosity in humans, the pure and straightforward inclination to absorb various things, and the toughness to try and solve problems.

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