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Department of Human Behavior and Environment Sciences

Name Position Area of Specialization
AKANUMA Satoshi Associate Professor Protein Engineering, Molecular Evolution, Origin of Life
AMANO Masahiro Professor Natural Resource Management, Global Environmental Issues
INOUE Makoto Professor Sociology, Agricultural Economics
INOUCHI Yoshio Professor Environmental Geology, Environmental Changes Studies
IKEOKA Yoshitaka Professor Sociology, Family Studies
USUI Tsuneo Professor Sociology, Urban Sociology
OHTA Shunji Professor Global Ecology, Biosphere Ecology
KASHIWAGI Masayuki Professor Resources and Environment Policy, Rural Policy, Agricultural Economics
KATO Shigeo Assistant Professor History of Science, Philosophy of Science
TAKEDA Naoko Professor Sociology of Population, Regional and Community Studies, Qualitative Survey Methods
KURAMOCHI Fumiya Professor Cultural Anthropology, France Ethnology
KOJIMA Takaya Associate Professor Building Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sociology
SATO Masayuki Associate Professor Environmental Psychology, Environmental Design Research,  Childhood Environment Studies
SANO Tomonori Professor Architectural Design, Architectural Planning, Safety Planning
TAKENAKA Hiroko Associate Professor Cultural Anthropology, Spanish Area Studies
TANADA Hirofumi Professor Sociology, Area Studies
TANIGAWA Akio Professor Archaeology, Japanese Archaeology
TOYAMA Noriko Professor Developmental Psychology
NAKAMURA Kaname Associate Professor French Literature, French Culture Social Theory
HASHIMOTO Kenji Professor Sociology
HARA Tomoaki Associate Professor Social and Cultural Anthropology
HIRATSUKA Motoshi Assistant Professor Biology, Environment Ecology
FURUYAMA Nobuhiro Professor Cognitive Science, Ecological Psychology
NEGAYAMA Koichi Professor Ethology, Developmental Sociology
MATSUMOTO Jun Professor Environmental Science, Atmospheric Chemistry
MIURA Shingo Professor Biology, Behavioral Ecology in Animals
MURAKAMI Kimiko Professor German Language, German Regional Culture
MORIMOTO Toyotomi Professor Migration Studies
YOGO Takuma Associate Professor Archeology and Cultural Anthropology, History of Technology and Theory of Technology and Culture

Department of Health Sciences and Social Welfare

Name Position Area of Specialization
IHARA Nario Professor Cognitive Clinical Development
IMAIZUMI Kazuhiko Professor Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Nutritional Physiology, Molecular and Cellular Physiology
IWASAKI Kaori Associate Professor Social Work, Disabled Welfare
UEMURA Hisashi Professor Social Welfare and Policy in Healthcare (Social Security Policy/Social Policy)
OHTSUKI Tomu Associate Professor Clinical Psychology
OGIHARA Atsushi Professor Social Medicine, Health Information Studies
ONO Michikazu Professor Palliative Medicine (Clinical Thanatology, Pediatric Surgery, Clinical Oncology)
KAKEYAMA Masaki Professor Medical Policy (Infectious Disease Seroepidemiology),Neuroendocrinology
KASE Hiroko Professor Gerontology
KABE Akiyoshi Professor Health, Welfare and Industry Studies (Management Studies, Robotics, Networks)
KAWATE Norihiko Professor Rehabilitation Medicine (Surgery, Respiratory Disease Studies, Oncology)
KAWANA Hatsuko Professor Child Welfare Studies (Welfare for the Disabled, Foster Care Systems)
KATSURAGAWA Taisuke Associate Professor Counseling (School Counseling, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Clinical Psychology)
KUMANO Hiroaki Professor Behavioral Medicine
SAKAKIBARA Shinichi Professor Neuroscience, Neural Development, Molecular Biology, Histology, Neuroanatomy
SASAKI Kazuyoshi Professor Cognitive Clinical Development, Developmental Disability and Midlife Disability, Functional Analysis of Behaviors, Social Skills Training/Education
SHIMADA Hironori Professor Behavioral Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Behavior Therapy
SUZUKI Shuji Professor Health and Welfare Biomechanics (Neuromuscular Control, Biomechanics)
SUZUKI Shinichi Professor Medical Psychology, Workplace Mental Health
TAGA Tsutomu Associate Professor Organization and Collaboration in Regional Resources
TAKENAKA Koji Professor Health Psychology, Applied Health Science
TANAKA Hideki Professor Social Work, Welfare for Mentally-disabled , Community Care
CHIBA Takuya Professor Biomedical Gerontology, Investigative Pathology, Anti-aging Medicine, Molecular Biology, Neurochemistry, Molecular Oncology
TSUJIUCHI Takuya Professor Health Promotion (General Medicine, Psychosomatic Medicine, Medical Anthropology)
NAGASHIMA Kei Professor Medical and Welfare Studies (Physiology, Neuroscience and Surgery)
NEDATE Kaneo Professor Cognitive Behavior Counseling
NOMURA Shinobu Professor Psychosomatic Medicine (Behavioral Medicine, Medical Psychology, Clinical Psychology)
HATAKEYAMA Takuro Professor Lifestyle Support Technology
MAEHASHI Akira Professor Childhood Health and Welfare, Preschool Physical Education,  Welfare Education
MURAOKA Yoshihiro Professor Rehabilitation, Biometry
MORIOKA Masahiro Professor Bioethics

Department of Human Informatics and Cognitive Sciences

Name Position Area of Specialization
ASADA Tadashi Professor Pedagogical Practice, Educational Technology, Educational Psychology
ISHIDA Toshiro Professor Safety Ergonomics
OZAWA Shigeto Associate Professor Educational Technology, Knowledge Science
KATO Maki Associate Professor Human Life Quality Engineering
KANEKO Takao Professor Information and Communication Sciences, Career Design
KIKUCHI Hideaki Professor Language and Information Science, Artificial Intelligence, Human Interfaces
JIN Qun Professor Computer Science, Information Systems
KOGO Chiharu Professor Instructional Design
SAITO Miho Professor Color Cognitive Science
Douglass SCOTT Professor Intercultural Communication, Information Technology
SUGIMORI Eriko Associate Professor Cognitive Psychology
SUZUKI Masao Professor Psychology and Ethology (non-verbal behavior, psychology of emotion, psychology of health)
TAKAHASHI Kaoru Associate Professor Statistics for Psychological Research, Educational Statistics
NAGAOKA Keizo Professor Educational Information Design, Distance Learning
NISHIMURA Shoji Professor Educational Informatics
NAKAMURA Kentaro Associate Professor Statistics for Psychological Research, Educational Statistics
NOJIMA Eiichiro Professor Educational Technology, Educational Psychology
FUJIMOTO Hiroshi Professor Human Machine Systems, Human Interfaces
HOZAKI Norio Professor English Language Education Methods, Educational Communication, Media Literacy Research, Teaching Materials Research and Development
MATSUI Tatsunori Professor Knowledge Information Science, Sensitivity Information Processing
MISHIMA Hiroyuki Associate Professor Ecological Psychology
MIYAZAKI Kiyotaka Professor Cognitive Psychology
MIYAZAKI Masami Professor Biological Function Analysis
MOMOSE Keiko Associate Professor Biological Information Processing, Biosignal Processing
MORITA Yusuke Associate Professor Educational Technology, Science Education
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