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Research Programs

External Coordination

The Advanced Research Center for Human Science has a number of research systems used for different purposes depending on the content of the research, the Center’s relationship with the research, and the research period. First, a research plan is prepared among Waseda University professors. Then the Center and the professor who will serve as the point of contact make adjustments based on the plan to determine which system would be suitable for the requested research. (In the case of a full-time Waseda University professor serving concurrently as a researcher at the Center, contact will be made through the research system at the Center regardless of the affiliated School.)

Contract Research

Entrusting Research to the Advanced Research Center for Human Sciences
Corporate research or basic research done prior to implementation can be contracted out to the Center, thus providing a shortcut to implementation.

Joint Research

Forming Strong Partnerships Between Companies and the Advanced Research Center for Human Sciences
Not only does the Center perform contract research, it also dispatches researchers to perform research jointly with other institutions.

*For details please contact the Administrative Office

Research Contributions

Hoping to Contribute to a Broad Range of Projects
When we receive contributions to pursue a broad range of projects, they are used throughout the Advanced Research Center for Human Sciences.

Research Systems Within the University

Research Projects

The Center produces considerable results by performing research beyond the limitations of any one field, each project covering diverse topics. Our researchers are always updating the database with the latest information and announcements.


For the 2011 Fiscal Year

  • The Great East Japan Earthquake and Human Sciences

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