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Development of Interdisciplinary Research Through Our Project System: Contributing to the Many Issues Facing Humanity

Human development and scientific and technical progress function best when working in conjunction with one another; some fear that scientific techniques will develop more quickly and leave humanity behind. This issue is very important when thinking about social changes taking place with a scientific and technical foundation. Also, the diversity and complexity of social structures makes modern society more opaque, and it becomes harder to determine humanity’s position amidst everything going on. The issues we face have no easy solutions. We must learn about humanity, society and nature, as well as the relationships and interdependence between them. In order to realize the integration of these three factors and create harmony between them we must constantly question society and move ourselves to action.

The Advanced Research Center for Human Sciences was founded in order to actualize these goals. Aware of the mutual relationships and mutual dependence that exist between all phenomenon (physical, biological, psychological, social, cultural, and historical), the Center aims to explain the mechanisms involved and create a collaborative community of researchers that can contribute to the coexistence of humanity, society, and nature. In order to enable research based on these ideals, the Center maintains close coordination with the Graduate School of Human Sciences, the School of Human Sciences and the School of Sport Sciences, using a project system to support interdisciplinary work involving life science, health science, social science, the humanities, behavioral science, and sport science. In order to raise the standards of research accomplishments and to practically apply these accomplishments, we open our doors to those both within and outside the University.

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