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Director of the Advanced Research Center for Human Sciences, Hiroaki Kumano

As one of the projects undertaken to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of our University, in 1987 – five years after the anniversary – the School of Human Sciences was established at the Tokorozawa Campus, becoming our University’s ninth School. At that time the Advanced Research Center for Human Sciences also opened its doors as a research center for all Schools at Waseda.

The Center’s first Director, Professor Tsumoru Ushiyama, described its goals in his remarks written in the first issue of “Human Science,” the Research Center’s then bulletin, as follows.

“The Research Center aims for the harmonious and orderly development of humanity, society and nature. Comprehensively and scientifically exploring issues related to humans and their actions from the perspective of human development, the Center’s goal is to contribute to the establishment of a healthy and happy human society and proactive social activity.”

Though a quarter of a century has passed since he wrote this, his words have not lost their value. Rather, more than ever before these goals reflect the demands from society and the research centers attempting to meet them.

The Faculty of Human Sciences is made up of three organizations: the School of Human Sciences the Graduate School of Human Sciences, and the Advanced Research Center for Human Sciences. The Graduate School of Human Sciences offers educational opportunities to young scholars involved with the School of Human Sciences. In this way, the Advanced Research Center for Human Sciences serves as a site for real research experience for scholars in training in our program as graduate students study under the professors, who also act as the core members of the Faculty.

The Center promotes research by accepting research project proposals. For example, fourteen on-going projects were managed in the most recent three-year period from 2010 to 2012, while thirteen were managed in the three years before that. If you look at the list of the projects’ names you will see that they reflect the broad range covered by the Faculty of Human Sciences. The projects are very far-reaching in subject matter, and administrating them has produced considerable results. Furthermore, a Research Promotion Committee was created within the Faculty of Human Sciences in 2012 Fiscal Year , and a new category was added to our research project system in 2013. Fiscal Year The Center has thus remained engaged in the promotion of research within the Faculty of Human Sciences.

However, the Center’s functions extend beyond taking applications for projects and promoting research. As a part of the Faculty of Human Sciences, we also act as a point of contact and coordination with research facilities outside of Waseda in order to enable joint and contract research and other research activities. We use the Adjunct Researcher System to bring in many researchers from outside the University and endeavor to substantially promote this type of coordination.

Inquiries from research facilities interested in the Faculty of Human Science’s research that would like to engage in joint research, contract research or other collaboration should contact the Advanced Research Center for Human Sciences. We will be delighted to help you and answer your questions.

Results of research conducted through the Center will receive feedback through undergraduate and graduate programs, thus contributing to the education of the next generation of scholars. By also putting this research into practice broadly across society, we hope to come closer to realizing the goals expressed at the time of the Center’s founding.

We at the Advanced Research Center for Human Sciences would be honored to have your understanding and support in all our endeavors.

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