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About the Program

Educational Policy

Cultivating the next generation of formal education leaders
with advanced theoretical and practical ability

Having been entrusted with the responsibility of cultivating teachers, the Graduate School of Education sits at the foundation of the Waseda School of Education. In addition to research related to each educational field and research related to course education/course content studies for each subject, we have sent many teachers out into the world. In line with the creation of the graduate school of teacher education system, we have established the three following educational policies, have established the School of Teacher Education, and have developed an educational plan that further specializes education through cultivating teachers.

Cultivating career-based clinical education and self-improvement abilities in teachers

We believe that clinical educational ability is the ability to combine the scholarly knowledge required for a deep human understanding with practical experience, and to be to respond to situations appropriately. We give teachers the ability to tirelessly improve their skills as they continue to organize their own experiences in a logical manner on the job.

Pursuing broad education and a solid teaching force, backed by veteran insight and cutting edge scholarly knowledge

We seek the ability to understand traditional culture as well as the life found within it, to discern humankind and society on a deep level, and to consider matters from multiple viewpoints and ways of thinking. Teachers will make these skills their own over the course of their studies.

Developing social cooperation abilities

We are raising the next generation of leaders. Leaders who can communicate skillfully with parental guardians, local residents, other teachers, experts, and specialist organizations. Leaders with the ability to cooperate and collaborate and who show progressive thinking when it comes to solving educational issues in schools and regions. Leaders who will not forget the warmth of humanity.

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