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History and Overview

The Graduate School of Education opened its master’s program in 1990 and its doctoral program in 1995.  The Graduate School was built on the foundations provided by the School of Education (founded in 1949), which was the successor to the Higher Normal School founded before the war (1903). Waseda University now has more than 100 years of teacher-training traditions to call upon.

In 1998, a new major in Mathematics Education was added, and in 2003 a one-year master’s program was set up.  (The one-year master’s program will stop recruiting students from 2016.)

The Graduate School of Education is the first graduate school established from a School of Education to offer master’s and doctoral programs, and has a proud history as a pioneering private university graduate school.

With these proud traditions, the Graduate School works alongside the Institute for Advanced Studies in Education (founded in 1998) and the Graduate School of Teacher Education (founded in 2008) to promote active research and educational studies.

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