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Final Exams

Final Examinations

Students need to approach the examinations with the proper attitude and a sense of responsibility. Cheating is strictly prohibited. If cheating is confirmed, the student(s) involed will fail all courses for which they have enrolled in the semester in which the cheating took place and be placed on indefinite suspension. In addition, students who are receiving any scholarships may have the scholarship cancelled and be required to refund scholarship money already received. Any suspicious actions may be considered as cheating.

Notes on Taking Examinations

  1. Be sure to place your student ID on the table (aisle side) during the examination. Students who do not bring their student ID will not be allowed to take the examination. Furthermore, students will not be allowed to take the examinations if their student ID photo is worn or damaged to the point that it cannot be used to confirm the student’s identity.
  2. Taking the examination questions, answer sheets (even if it is blank), attendance cards and other such items from the examination site is prohibited and doing so will be considered cheating (except for those courses where this is allowed).
  3. In principle, two students will sit on one table and they are expected to sit at the far ends of the table.
  4. The only items that can be placed on the table are the student ID, writing materials and a watch. (Pen cases cannot be placed on the table.)
  5. Be sure to follow the instructions provided by the instructor in charge of the particular class. When “Referring to textbooks is prohibited,” all textbooks, reference materials, notes and other materials must remain in your book bag (back pack) and not inside your desk. Placing text books and other such materials inside the desk during the examination will be considered cheating.
    Even when “All Items are permitted,” this does not include personal computers, mobile phones and electronic dictionaries (except when special permission is granted). The use of such items will be considered cheating.
    The borrowing and lending these items allowed into the examination site is prohibited and will be considered cheating.
  6. Be sure to turn OFF your mobile phone and place it inside your book bag. Be aware that any sounds coming from watches, mobile phones (including PHS), personal computers or other devices during the examination will be considered cheating. Furthermore, the use of mobile phones in place of a watch as well as the use of a watch with communication functions are prohibited.
  7. No one will be allowed into the examination sites 20 minutes after the examination has started. If students have the documents to show the trains or buses are delayed, they can enter the examination sites if it is within 30 minutes after the exams start. Leaving the examination site is only allowed when the test administrator indicates that leaving the site is allowed.
  8. The examination schedule of each class will differ. Be sure to confirm the examination schedule based on your particular class and the instructors.
  9. If you are unable to take the final examination due to illness or some other legitimate reason, bring the appropriate certificate (explained below) to the office for Misai Examinations.
    ・Illness: Medical certificate
    ・Public transportation delay: Delay certificate (provided at the station)
    ・Other unavoidable reasons: Please consult the office beforehand.
  10. Consult with the office for the School of Commerce beforehand if you have two exams or an exam and a class scheduled at the same time period.
  11. If you have any question about the examinations, please consult with the Office for the School of Commerce beforehand.

For Misai Examinations, please find the instructions below.

Applying for a make-up examination called “Misai”examination

When students miss a final examination due to one of the following reasons listed below, they can complete relevant procedures for a make-up examination within the allowed time framed. Decisions regarding consideration for a make-up examination will only be granted based on whether the course instructor will allow students to take the examination. Make-up examinations will be administered only for the final examinations.

<Reasons which qualify for a make-up examination>

1.  Illness
2.  Accident
3.  Delays in public transportation systems
4.  Important life events such as funerals/memorial services, weddings, etc. among family members and relatives of the student who are separated by two degrees of separation or less.
5.  Other compelling circumstances in which students have no control over.

<The allowed time frame >

The procedure has to be done by students within three working days after the final examination is held. This includes the date when the examinations are held. Saturday is considered to be the working day.

Taking the test

It will be announced by the office whether you can take Misai-examination or not.To take the examination, students are required to pay 1,000 JPY for one course at the School of Commerce office, on the 3rd floor.


*Mid-term examinations are not the case for Misai-examinations.
*If you cannot come to the office within 3 working days, please call the School of Commerce office. The phone number is 03-5286-1821.
*No matter reasons, it will be granted on lecturers’ discretion whether you can take the Misai-examinations.

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