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Research Groups

Faculty members of the Research Institute of Business Administration join some research groups on the basis of their research interests. Each research group spends a few years in exploring a given topic from various angles.

Year 2019

Theme Chief
Changing Corporate Governance and Financial / Labor Markets in Japan HIROTA, Shinichi
Development of a Systematic Training Program for Improving Productive Proficiency in English MORITA, Akira
The study on risk sharing functionalities of managerial accounting SUZUKI, Takanori
Changes and Prospects of International Strategies
of Multinational Enterprises
YOKOTA, Kazuhiko
Globalization and Financial Accounting Research YAEKURA, Takashi
Investigating the Mechanisms of Innovation: A
Multilevel Perspective
YAMANOI, Junichi
Theoretical and Empirical Research on Polarization of Socio-Economic Systems TAKASE, Koichi
The Choice of Production Organizations: Industrial Relations and Economic History HANAI, Shunsuke
Multifaceted Approaches to Value Creation in Advertising and Marketing TAKEI, Hisashi
Cross-Cultural Conflict in“One Belt, One Road” project OGAWA, Toshiyasu
How the innovation of technology affects the insurance industry and insurance system? NAKAIDE, Satoshi
Proposed Company Law Reform and expected improvement in corporate governance of listed companies NAKAMURA, Nobuo
Local moves on welded links and Burnside groups SAWADA, Ken
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