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The Research Institute of Business Administration (RIBA), which was founded in 1974, has worked on a wide range of topics related to industrial management in order to foster a closer relationship between industry and academia during the past forty-five years.

RIBA consists of faculty members from the School of Commerce and the Graduate School of Accountancy in Waseda University as well as researchers from external universities and institutions.

Moreover, RIBA aims not only to motivate internal research, but also to fulfil its wider mission – contributing to society through our research outcomes -. In order to achieve this mission, we strive to publish academic bulletins, host research workshops and seminars, take a lead in academic forums and symposiums, consult for external institutions on research and educational programs, and make public announcements regarding our research results.   

Reflecting changes in science, technology and everyday life, we must step up to the challenges facing current studies by enhancing inter-disciplinary links and exploring emerging points of view.  

We will carefully reexamine our current efforts and explore progress in new and promising areas in order to fulfil our duties and responsibilities. Therefore, we kindly ask for your encouragement and cooperation.

The Dean of the RIBA
(Professor of Faculty of Commerce)
Koichi Takase

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