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Educational Policy

Educational policy

Educational policy

Waseda University Graduate School of Accountancy have established a diploma policy, curriculum policy, and admission policy to deepen your understanding of our educational policy.

Diploma policy [ Policy on graduation certification / degree award]

Waseda University prepares a system and environment for students to learn knowledge and wisdom by themselves based on its founding principles: “the preservation of the independence of scholarship,” “the promotion of the practical application of scholarship,” and “the fostering of good citizens,” and to realize a place of cutting-edge higher education.

Based on the principle of “the promotion of the practical application of scholarship,” the Graduate School of Accountancy integrates academia and practice, and nurtures human resources who have the integrity of ethics necessary as an accounting expert and also advanced expertise and ability of accounting with a wide range of abilities in the business field.

Waseda University has a long tradition in the accounting field and has fostered many CPAs and accounting experts.

At the Graduate School of Accountancy, under the program aiming to train accounting experts who are active in various fields of society, a “Master of Business (Professional): Master of Business Administration” is awarded to those who complete their studies in order to acquire skills as experts in accounting and adjacent fields.

Curriculum policy [organization and implementation policy of curriculum ]

As our society continues to struggle though enormous change, CPAs and other accounting professionals are constantly faced with complicated situations.

What will come to their aid at such times is the ability to identify problems and bring ethical integrity and advanced professional skills to their solutions with a noble moral sense and high expertise, that is, an accounting mindset.

Our goal is to train accounting experts who have such an accounting mindset and have the ability to practice it, and aim to produce human resources who can contribute to society in various fields such as auditing firms, accounting firms, corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and a wide variety of other organizations.

Our curriculum consists of basic courses, core courses, and practical/applied courses, designed to help students acquire skills and knowledge ranging from basic to advanced, and ability to apply these skills practically and systematically.

In addition to acquiring expert knowledge in accounting, under the concept of “accounting + 1 (plus one)”–which is an effort to expand the field of activity by promoting the acquisition of the adjacent specialized field–we also set up a wide range of subjects across accounting and related fields for any courses.

Admission policy [policy of accepting students]

Waseda University welcomes students who have basic academic ability sufficient for our university, strong intellectual curiosity that is rich in “enterprising spirit,” which is the idea of ​​our university, and at the same time a strong desire to contribute to the global society. We welcome such strongly motivated students from every part of the world.

The Graduate School of Accountancy welcomes motivated students who have the noble ethics necessary for accounting professionals, who understand the principles of education that develops highly skilled expertise and ability of accounting, and who have broad ability in the business field.

As a program aiming to train advanced accounting experts who are active in various fields of society, the Accounting Specialist Program of our Graduate School will conduct general entrance exams, as well as entrance exams that emphasize English ability, IT/Mathematics and working experience in companies/organizations.

Entrance exams for the Advanced Accounting Specialist Program comprehensively evaluate candidates’ expertise in accounting and qualities/abilities to tackle accounting or related interdisciplinary research.

The Actuarial Specialist program, which aims at training professionals in the fields of insurance and pensions, will conduct general entrance exams that evaluate ability of mathematics and statistics, as well as entrance exams that emphasize working experience.


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