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*Courses below are for AY 2018

Basic Courses

Financial Accounting Financial Accounting Literacy, Basic Bookkeeping, Bookkeeping, Bookkeeping II, Financial Accounting A, Financial Accounting B, Financial Accounting C
Management Accounting Basic Management Accounting, Basic Cost Accounting, Management Accounting I, Management Accounting II, Cost Accounting A, Cost Accounting B
Audit Ethics for Profession, Basic Auditing, Auditing A, Auditing B
Business Law / Civil Law Corporation Law
Tax Law Tax Law, Corporation Tax Law I
Economics Business Economics I, Business Economics II
Information Systems Introduction to Information Technology
Statistics / Actuary Mathematical Statistics, Business Mathematics
Professional Communication Corporate Governance – Basic, Business Communication – Basic, Corporate Fraud Case Studies – Basic

Core Courses

Financial Accounting Advanced Financial Accounting I, Advanced Financial Accounting II, Advanced Bookkeeping
Audit Auditing C, Advanced Auditing
Business Law / Civil Law Business Law, Contemporary Civil Law II
Tax Law Corporation Tax Law II, Income Tax Law, Consumption Tax Law, Special Part of Taxation Law I, Special Part of Taxation Law II
Economics Microeconomics, Macroeconomics
Management Corporate Finance
Statistics / Actuary Actuarial Science, Theory and Practice of Life Insurance, Business Probability and Statistics
Professional Communication Professional Presentations, Introduction to Accounting Communication

Advanced / Practical Courses

Financial Accounting International Accounting Standards I, International Accounting Standards II, Topics in Financial Accounting, English Text Reading on Financial Accounting, Public-Sector Accounting, Not-For-Profit Accounting, Accounting of financial institution, Global Accounting for Beginners
Management Accounting Corporate Valuation, Financial Analysis, English Text Reading on Management Accounting, Creation of Shareholder Value and Significance of Investor Relations, Restructuring
Audit Topics in Auditing, System and Auditing, Audit Simulation Program, Internal Control, Internal control for Finance & Accounting department, Government Auditing, Current trend and development in accounting, auditing and valuation practices, How to lead companies to successful IPOs, Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance of Financial Institutions, Corporate Governance and Risk Management
Business Law / Civil Law Accounting Law, Accounting Regulations and Disclosure
Tax Law International Taxation, Topics in Tax Accounting, Tax practice as a corporate growth strategy
Economics Real Estate Valuation Practice Theory and Techniques
Management Operations Research, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Strategic Management, CRM Practice
Information Systems Accounting Information System, ERP System Practice, ERP Financial Accounting Practice, ERP Management Accounting Practice
Statistics / Actuary Financial Engineering, Business Date Science, Enterprise Risk Management, Accounting and Actuarial Science of Non-Life Insurance Companies, Pension Actuarial Science, Life Insurance Mathematics, Exercise: Life Insurance Mathematics, General Insurance Mathematics, Exercise: General Insurance Mathematics, Pension Mathematics, Exercise: Pension Mathematics, Exercise: Probability Theories, Exercise: Statistics
Professional Communication Business Communication, Corporate Fraud Case Studies, International Business News and Trends, International Negotiation, Corporate Governance

Advanced / Practical Workshops

Financial Accounting Financial Accounting, Introductory Workshop on Financial Accounting, Accounting Practice, Financial Accounting (in English), Advanced Workshop on Financial Accounting, IFRS, International Exchange Accounting, Accounting Standards
Management Accounting Management Accounting, Strategic Management Accounting, Management Consulting Practice, Business Game, Cost Accounting Practice
Audit Auditing Practice, Audit Practices in Various Industries, Audit Practice and Application, Accounting and Auditing Practice, Ethics for Profession
Tax Law Tax Law Practice, Corporate Tax Law (in English), Case Studies on International Taxation
Economics Economic Analysis Practice
Statistics / Actuary Actuarial Science

Advanced Research Seminars / Papers

Financial Accounting Financial Accounting
Management Accounting Management Accounting
Tax Law Tax Law
Information Systems Operations Research, Model Analysis of Accounting and Auditing Information
Statistics / Actuary Actuarial Science
Professional Communication International Business

Non-degree Students

Any accounting professionals are welcome to attend classes, particulary in Advanced/Practical Courses, as non-degree students. For further information, please contact Graduate School of Accountancy.

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