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Founded 2005
Structure Graduate School of Accountancy is part of the Faculty of Commerce
Program offered 3 programs

  • 2-year Accounting Specialist Program
  • 2-year Actuarial Specialist Program (from April 2019)
  • 1-year Advanced Accounting Professional Program
Enrollment Approximately 200
Academic degree Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Full-time faculty 14

MissionTo create business leaders who can deal with the changing global environment

Waseda University has always emphasized a core principle since its founding: to uphold the independence of learning and to promote the practical utilization of knowledge and good citizenship. Until now, Waseda University has produced many accounting professionals who play active roles in the business world. Based on these missions, the Graduate School of Accountancy, MBA program was created with an educational philosophy of the fusion of academic and business practice, and to develop accounting professionals with high ethical standards who also possess a special knowledge that can be applied throughout the business world.

As companies’ production, sales, and fund-raising efforts expand across national borders and the tide of globalization continues to push forward, demand for the establishment of an international standard for accounting and audit practice increases. In connection with this, CPA and accounting professionals will be expected to solve practical problems with world-class skills and specialized knowledge.

There is a growing need for accounting professionals including CPAs with updated knowledge on newly established accounting standards, due to the rapid change in accounting standards and the expansion of the range of financial reporting toward non-profit organizations. In Japan, no educational facility existed which was designed to train, produce, and then provide continuing education to such accounting professionals. And now, based on our prestigious history of accounting education, Waseda University will offer a high-quality education including small-group studies with the latest theories and best practices in business.

Educational ObjectivesThe program has four major educational objectives

1. Advanced Professional Education

Taking advantage of the unique environment of the professional graduate school, the program provides a fundamental education in leading-edge financial accounting, management accounting, and auditing. The program emphasizes building specialized skills in pragmatic thinking and decision making, based on fundamental professional ethics.

2. Education in Line with International Standards

The program also emphasizes the development of accounting professionals who can cope with real-world problems. As corporate activities become global, the demand for accounting professionals with international sensibility grows. Moreover, the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), has issued International Education Standards for Professional Accountants which requires study of international accounting and audit standards, knowledge of international business practices, and skills in communications, presentation, and information technology. Our program is designed to provide a high-quality curriculum that meets and exceeds these educational benchmarks.

3. Ethical Education

Past cases of fraudulent accounting and window-dressing have greatly damaged faith in accounting. In order to prevent such incidents and to restore faith in accounting, accounting professionals must be imbued with the highest sense of professional ethics. Our program nurtures an “accounting mindset” based on case study discussions.

4. Recurrent Education

One of the key objectives of the program is to provide recurrent education for accountants. To accomplish this, we cooperate with the Japan Institute of Certified Public Accountants (JICPA) to develop specialized training in accounting.

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