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Dean of Graduate School of Accountancy
Kenichi AKIBA


The Graduate School of Accountancy (GSA), Waseda University, is a specialized business school that develops professionals for accounting and actuarial careers. Unlike a traditional master’s course, when you obtain the required credits at GSA you will have completed a multifaceted program combining theory and practice. People who aim for a higher level of career come together at GSA to study hard with faculty members who are doing cutting edge research and also with experienced practitioners.

What is a professional? I think that it is a person who can solve problems with appropriate judgment and sophisticated abilities when faced with new cases or complicated issues. To become a professional, it is necessary to acquire not only qualifications of certified public accountants or actuaries, but also particular knowledge, skills and ideas. GSA offers a wide range of curriculum in addition to accounting, including information technology (IT) and consulting, taxation, business communication, and actuary studies under the concept of “Accounting + 1 (plus one)” to expand your own strength.

Furthermore, we have established a new admission track for becoming an actuary starting fiscal 2019. People who intend to become a professional in this field select from the curriculum not only necessary items for becoming an actuary but also related accounting fields, IT and consulting, and business communication under the concept of “Actuary + 1 (plus one)” to gain a full set of skills.

GSA has a supportive community formed by various people who aim to become professionals. Students with diverse backgrounds communicate with faculty and staff through workshop courses and various events, in addition to regular class meetings. A large network of students and alumni, regardless of degree completion year and current affiliation, creates a valuable asset.

GSA offers various admission options and provides opportunities to participate in programs for anyone who wants to become an excellent professional, and we welcome you to join our exciting community. Life is not short but precious, so increase your value as a professional through two years of study at GSA.

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