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Celebrating 100 years of Zurich Dadaism – Tristan Tzara and his footsteps


2016 is the 100th year since the avant-garde art movement of Dadaism was started by Romanian born Tristan Tzara and others in Zurich, Switzerland during World War I. Tzara exclaimed that “Dada means nothing,” and questioned the way of art at the time. Dadaism soon spread across the globe, from Berlin, Paris, New York, and Tokyo. In post 1960s, Neo-Dada was popularized and became the roots of contemporary art in the 21st century. In addition, Tzara moved to Paris after WWI and collaborated with celebrated artists such as Picasso, Miró, and Matisse; therefore, following the traces of Tzara unfolds rare moments in modern art. The Waseda Aizu Museum will exhibit a rare, first edition collection of original “DADA” prints, a magazine dedicated to Dadaism (Waseda University Library collection), Tristan Tzara-related first edition books (with Picasso’s lithograph, personal collection), Romanian Dada-related documents, records of Dada exhibitions from various countries 50 years ago, and prints by Shusaku Arakawa who participated in the Neo-Dada movement (entrusted to the Waseda Aizu Museum). This special exhibition is supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan.

Exhibition information

    • Date
      June 29 (Wed) – August 7, 2016 (Sun)
      Permanent Collection Room, 2nd floor of the Waseda Aizu Museum
    • Time
      10:00~17:00 (Admissions until 16:30)
    • Closed
      Sundays and Holidays, (but open on July 18 and August 7)
    • Free admissions

Exhibition poster

On display

Cover of "DADA3," Zurich-based Dadaism magazine (Waseda University Library Collection)

Cover of “DADA3,” Zurich-based Dadaism magazine (Waseda University Library Collection)

List of items on display

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