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Ancient Japan-Korea Buddhist Culture International Symposium

An international symposium titled “Ancient Japan-Korea Buddhist Culture” was held on June 24 (Fri) at the Masaru Ibuka Auditorium, International Conference Center, Waseda University.

This symposium commemorates the “Smiling in Contemplation: Two Buddhas from Japan and Korea Exhibition” currently taking place at the Tokyo National Museum. Many people related to Waseda University, including President Kamata, were involved in organizing the event.

The 4-hour symposium was held to reveal the philosophy and aesthetic beauty behind the pensive Buddha statues from Japan and Korea by studying historical records of ancient Japan-Korea’s relations in the latest research. The keynote lectures and presentations by Japanese and Korean scholars kept the audience’s close attention as they uncovered new findings regarding Japan and Korea’s Buddhist culture in the Three Kingdoms of Korea (6 -7th century).

This historical encounter of two pensive Buddha statues representing both Japan and Korea will surely serve to build a better relationship between the countries.

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