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[Application Closed] Recruitment Information for Visiting Scholar 2022

Application deadline is extended to  Thursday, September 30, 2021 17:00 (Japan time).

The Waseda Institute for Advanced Study is committed to promoting the university-wide acceptance of leading researchers from other countries as well as to facilitating the production of research results, scholarly exchange with researchers at Waseda, and other such outcomes. For this purpose, the Institute invites researchers doing work at the cutting edge of their fields as a Visiting Scholar.

1. Recruitment Fields

Fields corresponding to Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science, and Interdisciplinary Research

2. Number of Positions

Several positions

3. Appointment Status

Visiting Scholar

4. Period of Appointment

The period of appointment is 31 days or more up to a maximum of 60 days. In principle, the Visiting Scholar is appointed from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023.
*Stay during the term of classes (April-July or October-January) is preferable.
*Next Recruitment for Visiting Scholars appointed after October 1, 2022 will be announced around April, 2022.

5. Application Qualifications

An applicant must:
(1) be conducting research at an institute, such as a university in Japan or overseas, and whose learning, achievements, and qualifications are at a level equivalent to or higher than those of a tenured lecturer at Waseda University (hereinafter referred to as W.U.).
(2) have a recommendation of a tenured faculty member of W.U. or a member of Waseda Institute for Advanced Study (hereinafter referred to as WIAS). The recommender is responsible for the collaborative research activities of this Visiting Scholar at W.U.

6. Duties

Visiting Scholar’s Duties include:
(1) providing advice and guidance to graduate students and young researchers of W.U.
(2) engaging in co-supervision/co-research with researchers of W.U.
(3) The host researcher at W.U. must submit a report on the result of the joint education/research with the Visiting Scholar within one year after the period of residence has ended.
(4) Other duties shall be determined in prior consultation with the Director of WIAS where necessary.

7. Compensation

(1) No salary payments. (does not conclude an Employment Contract or an Engagement Agreement with the university).
(2) As long as the facility capacity allows, a single room in the university guesthouses will be provided.
(3) As long as the facility capacity allows, office space will be provided.

8. Others

We do not respond to any inquiries pertaining to the results of the selection.

9. Application Procedures

Complete the Online Registration Form (the Online Form) on the website and submit the application documents specified below via the online system. When your registration is successfully completed, a confirmation message will be sent to you at the e-mail address that you provided in the Online Form. You should use the specified forms (see below) to prepare the application documents. In case of using forms except the specified form, your application might not be accepted. Please note that the application documents must be submitted via the Online Form, and NOT by e-mail, post or any other means.

*Application Documents
(1) Curriculum vitae
(2) Research Plan
(3) Letter of Recommendation from a faculty member of W.U or a WIAS member

Note: Submitted information and documents will only be used for the purposes of screening applicants.
Online form and specified forms are at the bottom of this page.

10. Deadline for Application

Please submit application documents by Thursday, September 30, 2021 17:00 (Japan time).

11. Selection Schedule

(1) Documentary screening : September and October 2021
(2) Notification of Results : November 2021
*Applicants and recommenders will be notified of selection results by e-mail.
(3) Orientation with the recommender in item 9 (3), above. : In or after December 2021

12. Contact

Contact Address for Inquiries

Online Registration Form (Submission of Application Documents)

Download Links of Application Documents

Form Description Word File PDF File
Curriculum Vitae detail  –
Sample CV detail
Research Plan detail  –
Recommendation detail  –


[Information and Documents to be Prepared]

When you fill in the online registration form, the information and documents listed below are required in addition to your personal information. We suggest that applicants prepare those in advance to make registration easier.

Please use “Internet Explorer” to open and fill in the form, if you encounter problems or difficulties (e.g. you cannot click buttons in the form or the web pages do not appear properly), when you use other web browsers such as “Google Chrome” and “Microsoft Edge.”

*Research field and topic
・ Field of Specialization
・ Research topic during your visit to WIAS

*Period of Appointment
・31 days or more up to a maximum of 60 days. In principle,  between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023.

*Past Experience of Staying at Waseda University
・ If you have stayed at Waseda University before, please fill in the period and purpose.

*1 Recommender within Waseda University
・ Please fill in the name, affiliation, title, phone number and e-mail address of the recommender to write the Letter of Recommendation. (a tenured faculty member or WIAS researcher)

*Documents to be uploaded (PDF or MS Word file, A4-size, maximum attachment size 10MB)
・Application Documents (Curriculum Vitae / Research Plan / Letter of Recommendation)
– Please use the specified forms available in this web page. Forms other than the specified forms might not be accepted.
– PDF format recommended.

[Confirmation Message]
When your registration is successfully completed, a confirmation message will be sent to you at the e-mail address that you provided in the Online Form. When you cannot find the message, please check your e-mail box carefully because our e-mail can be regarded as spam mail due to receiver’s settings.

[Revision of submitted Information and Documents]
You can make changes or replacements to your submitted documents by providing the PIN number that was firstly registered. Please take note of the PIN number as it is not re-issued. Changes and replacements can be made only during the application period.

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