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[Application Closed] Recruitment Information for AY2022 Researchers

Waseda Institute for Advanced Study (WIAS) was established in September 2006 to enable promising and talented researchers to focus on their research activities under fixed-term contracts in a rich research environment. At present, around 30 researchers at WIAS are performing advanced research on a wide range of themes, with no limitation regarding field of study. WIAS is currently recruiting researchers for AY2022, as detailed below.

1. Recruitment Fields

Fields corresponding to the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences

2. Number of Positions

Several positions

3. Appointment Position

In principle, Assistant Professor (non-tenure-track) or Associate Professor (non-tenure-track)

Note: Appointment positions will be determined based on the results of screening and interviews.

4. Application Qualifications

Researchers who meet either of qualifications a. or b. below.

  • a. Persons with a doctorate, preferably granted after April 1, 2012.
  • b. Persons who are expected to obtain a doctorate by the time of appointment.

Note: If you are not able, no later than one month prior to the date of appointment, to provide an official letter stating that the doctorate will be granted by the time of appointment, your appointment will be revoked.

Note: Applicants are expected to be enthusiastic about conducting research, which should: contribute to the research achievements of Waseda University; establish and strengthen collaborative networks between researchers at Waseda University and those at research institutions and universities outside Waseda, including overseas. Applicants are also expected to proactively participate in research and education initiatives implemented by Waseda.

Note: Waseda University is committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion. In all matters related to faculty recruitment and promotion, the University prohibits any form of discrimination on the basis of sex, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity, nationality, ethnicity, creed, and age.

5. Research Theme

WIAS seeks to recruit researchers who will undertake highly creative research projects that have the potential to identify issues for future investigation, and who will carve out new fields of study within the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences.

Note: Waseda University has been selected for one of the Top Global University Projects (TGU) instituted by MEXT,* and is working on a project titled, Waseda Goes Global—A Plan to Build a Worldwide Academic Network that is Open, Dynamic and Diverse, aimed at accelerating efforts to realize the goals set forth in Waseda’s mid- to long-term strategic plan, Waseda Vision 150. Efforts are being made to enhance the model units of the TGU project and the units of life science and data science at Waseda University; these are highly evaluated internationally and will form the core of this project. If your research theme covers aspects that are relevant to these areas, please select the relevant model unit or discipline on the application form. The nine model units and fields of science are listed below. If your research theme is not related to any of the model units or to the designated fields of science, that will not disadvantage you in any way during the selection process.

* MEXT: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

* Global Japanese Studies

* Empirical Analyses of Political Economy

* Health Promotion: The Joy of Sports and Exercise

* Frontier of Embodiment Informatics: ICT and Robotics

* Energy and Nanomaterials

* Multiscale Analysis, Modeling and Simulation

* Global Asia Studies

* Life Science

* Data Science

*Carbon neutrality

6. Duties

  • (1)Research activities in accordance with the Research Plan submitted at the time of employment.
  • (2)Researchers will be required to teach at least one full-year class per year (equivalent to two half-year classes), and are allowed to teach up to three full-year classes per year (equivalent to within six half-year classes) at Waseda University.
    Note: “One class” means one 90-minute lecture per week.Note: If the researcher works as a part-time lecturer at a university other than Waseda, the prior approval of the Directors of WIAS will be required for appointment.
  • (3)In principle, the total period of overseas trips or stays must be less than three months per year.
  • (4)Other duties include:
    a. Attendance at WIAS meetings
    b. Planning and organization of symposiums and the like sponsored or cosponsored by WIAS
    c. Publication of research findings in WIAS bulletins, discussion papers, and the like
    d. Application for a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI)
    Note: Acquisition of public or business contract research grants or subsidies as well is desirable.
    e. Other matters deemed necessary by the Directors of WIAS

7. Working Conditions

  • (1)Waseda University will be the researcher’s primary place of employment.
  • (2)Place of Work: Waseda University Campus (Waseda, Toyama, Nishiwaseda, Kikuicho, TWIns, Tokorozawa, etc.)
  • (3)Other working conditions will be in accordance with regulations of Waseda University as outlined below.
    Note: Maternity leave is available in accordance with the regulations of Waseda University. It is also possible to take parental leave and nursing leave; please inquire for the details regarding eligibility for such leave.
Working Hours Scheduled working days and working hours (work starting and end times, rest periods) shall be subject to Waseda University regulations. A discretionary labor system for professional work shall be applied, and decisions on the means of execution of work and the allocation of time shall be entrusted to the employee’s discretion, in light of the nature of research work.
Salary A salary will be paid in accordance with Waseda University regulations.
Allowances Commutation allowance shall be provided in accordance with Waseda University regulations.
Severance/retirement benefits Severance and retirement benefits shall not be provided.
Non-working days Saturdays, Sundays, New Year holidays, legally recognized public holidays, and the anniversary of the founding of Waseda University (but excluding holidays prescribed as instructional days, as determined in advance by the University)
Leave Leave that is determined by the Labor Standards Act and other related laws, and days that are designated by the University as leave days.
Social Insurance The employee shall enroll in the Employee’s Pension Insurance, Health Insurance, Workmen’s Accident Compensation Insurance, and Employment Insurance.

8. Research Funds

Research funding will be provided in accordance with Waseda University regulations. Also, there are competitive research grants provided by Waseda University, such as Waseda University Grants for Special Research Projects (Grant-in-Aid for Research Base creation for newly-hired faculty.)

Note: the success rate of applications for Waseda University Grants for Special Research Projects (for newly-hired faculty) was 100% in 2020.

9. Period of Employment

* In principle, employment begins on April 1, 2022.

For researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences, the employment period will be three years from the starting date of employment, non-renewable (i.e. from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2025, in principle)

Exception: In the case of researchers in Natural Sciences, one-year reappointments are allowed to a maximum extension of two years, if the research activities and achievements to the end of the third year have been highly evaluated and are considered sufficient. The maximum total period of employment in the Waseda Institute for Advanced Study, including the period of reappointment, is five years.

 Note: There is an upper limit on the total length of fixed-term employment at Waseda University. This limit applies to those who have been working under fixed-term employment contracts concluded with Waseda University on or after April 1, 2013 (regardless of title or position) and with no lapse of employment of six months or more at Waseda University before the time of appointment to WIAS. Therefore, the actual contract period may not be identical to the period of employment indicated above.

10. Selection Procedure

  • (1)First selection stage (document screening)
    Applicants will be notified of selection results by e-mail in late July 2021.Note:  A notification email sometimes goes to a spam folder.
  • (2)Second selection stage (document screening)
    Applicants who pass the first selection stage should submit their principal research achievements (maximum three, with three copies of each) and letters of recommendation (two) by the middle of August. Applicants will receive detailed information.Note: WIAS will directly contact your references you have listed to request for letters of recommendation.
  • (3)Third selection stage (interview)
    In early October 2021 (tentative)
    Applicants who pass the second selection stage will receive detailed information at least one week before the interview date.Note: The interview will be held in person, however, an online interview will be considered depending on the situation.Note: Travel expenses for the interview (at Waseda Campus of Waseda University) are to be borne by the applicant.
  • (4)Notification of Results
    December 2021 (tentative)

11. Application Documents and Application Procedures

Complete the Online Registration Form (the Online Form) on the website and submit the application documents specified below via the online system. When your registration is successfully completed, a confirmation message will be sent to you at the e-mail address that you provided in the Online Form. You should use the specified forms (see below) to prepare the application documents. In case of using forms except the specified form, your application might not be accepted. Please note that the application documents must be submitted via the Online Form, and NOT by e-mail, post or any other means.

Note: If you use “Track changes” in Microsoft Word, please make sure to select “Accept all changes Stop Tracking”. There are cases track changes are shown in a document at a certain condition after uploaded to the Online Form.

Note: Submitted information and documents will only be used for the purposes of researcher candidate screening.

12. Deadline for Application

June 8, 2021 (Tuesday), 5 P.M. (Japan time)
* Submission of application documents through use of the Online Registration Form must be completed by this date and time.

13. Contact

To contact us, please use Online Inquiry Form. Inquiries by phone will not be accepted.
Please read the “FAQs” and “Instructions for Online Registration Form”before sending your inquiries.

We strongly suggest that you use “Internet Explorer” to fill in the Online Registration Form.

Online Registration Form
(Submission of Application Documents)

Download Forms

Download links on the table are temporarily not working due to server problem. Please follow the link below for downloading the application documents and related files.
Download documents from here!

Form descriptionWord・Excel filePDF fileApplication Documents (CV and Research Plan) FormWord
Guideline for Completing CV
PDFList of Fields of SpecializationsExcel


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