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[Application Closed] 2016 Visiting Fellows (second term)

The Waseda Institute for Advanced Study is committed to promoting the university-wide acceptance of leading researchers from other countries as well as to facilitating the production of research results, scholarly exchange with researchers at Waseda, and other such outcomes. For this purpose, the Institute invites as Visiting Fellows recognized researchers who are doing work at the cutting edge of their fields. These Fellows will be provided an excellent environment for conducting their research and will also be expected to contribute to the research activity of Waseda University.

1. Recruitment Fields

Fields corresponding to Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science, and Interdisciplinary Research

2. Number of Positions

Several positions

3. Appointment Status

Guest Senior Researcher or Guest Researcher

4. Period of Appointment

Appointments are as a rule for a period of 1 month, starting between October 1, 2016 and September 30, 2017
*Stay during the term of classes is preferable.
*Next Recruitment for Visiting Fellows appointed after April 1, 2017 will be announced around July, 2016.

5. Application Qualifications

In principle, researchers who satisfy conditions (1) to (5) below:

  • (1)They are full-time researchers (equivalent to professor or associate professor) at their home institutions abroad.
  • (2)They have to have a recommendation from tenured faculty of Waseda University. The latter are to be in charge of Visiting Fellows’ collaborative research activities within Waseda University.
  • (3)They have to have remarkable research achievements at an international level.
  • (4)Their research topics should preferably be related to research projects or activities being carried on at Waseda University.
  • (5)It is desirable that they had never been employed by Waseda University in the past.
  • *Waseda University is committed to enhancing the diversity of its faculty in order to promote globalization and gender equality on campus. In all matters related to faculty recruitment and promotion, the University prohibits any form of discrimination on the basis of national origin, gender, religion, creed, political affiliation, or disability.

6. Duties

  • (1)Visiting Fellows should present reports of research at seminars and other such events organized by the Institute or jointly with the Institute during the period of appointment. It is preferable to submit the text of reports made at those occasions as Institute Discussion Papers.
  • (2)Visiting Fellows should preferably submit papers to international scholarly journals presenting results of research performed during the period of appointment. The papers should clearly state that those results were obtained while the author was in residence at the Institute.
  • (3)Visiting Fellows should engage in joint research with researchers who belong to Waseda University.
  • (4)Visiting Fellows should provide advice and guidance to young researchers in Waseda University.
  • (5)Visiting Fellows should perform other duties considered necessary by the Institute Director.

7. Compensation

  • (1)Salary will be paid in accordance with Institute regulations.
  • (2)Accommodations will be provided in accordance with Institute regulations.
  • (3)Office space will be provided (in Building No. 9, Waseda University).

8. Application Procedures

Please submit the following documents (original copy) using the form provided to the Waseda Institute for Advanced Study.

  • (1)Application
  • (2)Curriculum vitae
  • (3)Research Plan
  • (4)Letter of Recommendation from Waseda University tenured faculty
  • ※Submitted documents will not be used for any other purpose than screening Visiting Fellows applicants. Application materials will not be returned.

9. Deadline for Application

Please submit application documents by Friday, May 20, 2016 (Japan time).

10. Address for Submission of Application Documents

Waseda Institute for Advanced Study
Researcher Employment: Visiting Fellows 2015
1-6-1 Nishi Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8050, JAPAN

11. Selection Schedule

  • (1)Documentary screening
    May and June 2016
    Applicants and recommenders will be notified of selection results by e-mail.
  • (2)Notification of Results
    July 2016
  • (3)Orientation meeting with the recommender in item 8. (4), above.
    In or after July 2016

12. Contact

Online Inquiry Form

Download Forms

Form description Word・Excel file PDF file
Application detail
Curriculum Vitae
(and Smple CV)
Seminar Plan detail
Recommendation detail
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