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Key Researchers present their latest research results

Four Key Researchers(※)reported their research results at Waseda University’s Research Enhancement Head Office meeting on April 15.

※ Key Researchers: Researchers who have been selected for Key Researchers Development Program at Waseda University. This program was initiated in 2015 to provide priority funding and state-of-the-art facilities for promising researchers.


2015 Key Researchers

Professor Hitoshi Kurumizaka (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Professor Hitoshi Kurumizaka (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Professor Yasuo Kawakami (Faculty of Sport Sciences)


Professor Yasuo Kawakami (Faculty of Sport Sciences)

Professor Kawakami reported on the morphological and mechanical properties of skeletal muscles and the function and mechanism of muscle-tendon complex’s damage and recovery. His research results related to the structure of fascia lata (deep fascia of the thighs) have contributed to the development of a compression stocking which assists muscle movement to improve physical performance and supports sports for the elderly population. Professor Kawakami felt his research was appreciated, and he commented that he would like to continue giving back to society through his project known as the Kawakami Muscle-Tendon Mechanism Development Project.

Professor Hirokazu Toeda (Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences)


Professor Hirokazu Toeda (Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences)

Professor Toeda shared his achievements on creating the hentaigana application in partnership with UCLA and conducting co-research about the Gordon W. Prange Collection with Columbia University regarding censorship during the GHQ occupation. The hentaigana app, supported by the Yanai Initiative, was created so that people interested in reading classical Japanese literature could use its service for free on their smartphones. Professor Toeda noted that he would like to train young researchers in the field through his project, the Toeda Japanese Literary and Cultural Reinvention Project.

Professor Yasuyuki Todo (Faculty of Political Science and Economics)


Professor Yasuyuki Todo (Faculty of Political Science and Economics)

Professor Todo’s research is on the impacts of economic and social networks on economic growth and development. He highlighted the roles of these networks within and outside of prefectures during the Great East Japan Earthquake and examples of how firm networks have established themselves in foreign countries. A ripple effect in politics and governmental organizations is expected in such interdisciplinary study overlapping economics, information studies, and politics. Much new knowledge comes from utilizing new networks in this globalizing society. In other words, Japan’s economic growth will depend on connecting with foreign networks. As a key researcher, Todo hopes to continue pursuing his research through the Todo Economic Networks and Economic Growth Project.

During the open discussion, Key researchers participating in the program starting this year (Professors Jun Kataoka and Hiroyasu Iwata from the Faculty of Science and Engineering) joined to talk about the possibilities of collaborative projects between researchers, using this program as an incentive.

As a researcher himself, President Kamata, who attended the event, was impressed by these research results. He commented that he felt the need to create  opportunities for researchers to exchange their knowledge across fields more frequently.


From the left: 2016 Key Researchers Professors Hiroyasu Iwata and Jun Kataoka


Key Researchers exchanging opinions


President Kamata and Vice President Hashimoto


Waseda University Research Enhancement Head Office

Professor Hitoshi Kurumizaka(Faculty of Science and Engineering)
Professor Yasuo Kawakami(Faculty of Sport Sciences)
Professor Hirokazu Toeda(Faculty of Letters, Arts, and Sciences)
Professor Yasuyuki Todo(Faculty of Political Science and Economics)
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