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Looking for a healthier snack? Try these candy and confectionery

Scientists succeed in developing functional snacks to prevent irritation in the throat and control glucose absorption

A team of scientists from Waseda University worked together with Eitaro Sohonpo Co. Ltd. to develop a theaflavin throat candy and a slow-calorie dorayaki, a type of Japanese confectionery. The throat candy contains tea polyphenols (mainly theaflavins) which alleviate irritation in the throat, and the dorayaki contains palatinose which controls the sharp rise in blood glucose level.
The effect of black tea polyphenols on influenza infection has previously been reported, and taking hints from the habit of gargling with tea, they developed and commercialized the functional throat candy which prevents irritation in the throat. Though black tea polyphenols are generally astringent, the research team succeeded in ensuring taste and functionality. The throat candy will be sold from Eitaro Sohonpo starting September 10, 2018.
Additionally, without changing its traditional taste, the slow calorie dorayaki uses palatinose instead of sugar to absorb glucose gradually. The product, which has been sold since June 2017, is considered a functional snack and is expected to contribute to the prevention and improvement of lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes and obesity.

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