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Waseda receives highest possible grade in mid-term evaluation of MEXT’s program for research enhancement

Waseda University received an S grade (highest possible grade) in the mid-term evaluation of the Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities initiated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). Launched in 2013, this initiative and support by MEXT will continue until 2022.
The program serves to further enhance the research quality of the 22 selected institutions and universities that produce highly regarded research recognized by the world through the implementation of intensive research environment reform plan and acquisition of able research managers.
The mid-term evaluation is largely divided into two sections. Firstly, four quantitative indicators namely 1) Acquisition of Research Funds, 2) Research Quality, 3) Ratio of Co-authored Research Papers with Overseas Institutions and 4) Industry-Academia Collaboration are used to measure each university’s research enhancement progress. Secondly, interviews as well as screening of documents on each university’s vision for future research and development are also conducted. The results of the overall mid-term evaluation are as follows.



Research Institutions and Universities
S (1) Waseda University
(2) Kyoto University
(3) National Institutes of Natural Sciences
(4) Osaka University
(5) Tohoku University
A (6) Hiroshima University
(7) Hokkaido University
(8) Kobe University
(9) Kumamoto University
(10) Nagoya University
(11) Nara Institute of Science and Technology
(12) The University of Electro-Communications
(13) Tokyo Medical and Dental University
(14) University of Tokyo
(15) University of Tsukuba
 A- (16) High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
(17) Kyushu University
(18) Research Organization of Information and Systems
(19) Tokyo Institute of Technology
(20) Toyohashi Institute of Technology
B (21) Keio University
(22) Okayama University

Of the five research institutions that received grade S in the mid-term evaluation, Waseda University is the only private university that made it on the list. In the former evaluation based on research enhancement progress, Waseda’s progress is highly praised and regarded as promising. The evaluation also states that the University could serve as a model for other research universities. As for the latter examination, Waseda’s vision for the future is deemed practical, executable and extremely propitious. The Research and Development Center (Building No. 120) in Waseda Campus scheduled to be completed in 2020 will be designated to industry-academia collaborated research and development. In addition, Waseda also aims to be a global research university that takes strong measures in solving real world problems by working closely with its researchers and scholars.

Waseda’s effort in enhancing research capabilities

Waseda University has announced its mid-long term plan, Waseda Vision 150, which forms the basis of the University’s efforts on enhancing its research capabilities. Through such efforts, the University aims to acquire able scholars and individuals to form a world-class research team which advances research that solve global issues. By making full use of the support by MEXT, Waseda wants to further strengthen and reform its research system and environment to one that could function independently without needing funds from student tuition fee. Committed to the following three policies, the University aims to be a world leading university in research and development.

  1. Organization of Research
    Enhancing and strengthening team/organization-based research
  2. Research-oriented Development
    New challenge in fields linked to social issues
  3. Promotion of Internationalization
    Further facilitation of international collaborative research and employment of international personnel


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