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Dynamic Research Initiatives for Social Impact

The Research Strategy Section, Research Innovation Center(RIC) is one of the research institutes affiliated to Waseda and is dedicated to strengthening its research abilities and initiatives. We have four main pillars in our activities; (1) conduct research, analysis and evaluation of research activities in and outside Waseda; (2) plan and propose research strategy; (3) promote and support research; and (4) develop a network of connections for research. Since the Center for Research Strategy(CRS, the old organization) was established in April 2009, the center has played a central role in revitalizing the university’s academic research(With restructuring our organization, Research Strategy Section, RIC has been established in June 2019).

The managerial environment in which universities operate has been getting even more competitive than ever before, compelling academic researchers to obtain competitive funds to be financially independent in their research. Research questions are now increasingly associated with problem-solving in the real world, which requires an interdisciplinary approach and collaboration among multiple institutions. Under such circumstances, it is indispensable to build a research management system and foster experts of research management to advance effective and efficient research. Research Strategy Section staff members are determined to play a leading role in research management based on the above-mentioned four pillar activities in order to strengthen our research.

Waseda University is now working towards strategic goals established under “Waseda Vision 150,” which was inaugurated to serve as our road map as we think about “what we need to do at the present” for “how we should be” in the year 2032, which marks the 150 year anniversary of the university’s establishment. In the field of academic research, we have addressed “the promotion of original research and the enhancement of our ability to deliver this internationally” and “new challenges in educational and research fields” as major challenges to tackle. To these ends, The Research Strategy Section will take the lead in projects to “reform research support systems”, “nurture and support young researchers”, “restructure existing research organizations and support systems” and “promote international collaborative research.” Responding to a changing society, we will try to break new ground in research. By doing so, we will do our best to make an impact in realizing a safe and secure society through dynamic research initiatives and conveying research results.


Shinji Wakao
Director, Research Strategy Section/Associate Director, Research Innovation Center

Waseda University's Vision

One hundred years ago, Shigenobu Okuma, the founder of Waseda University, advocated “Independence of Learning,” “Practical Utilization of Knowledge,” and “Creation of Good Citizenship” as the mission of the University. More specifically, he declared the University’s mission to develop human resources to contribute to the Earth and human society through academic research in Waseda University. In 2012, Waseda University set forth the “Waseda Vision 150,” which lays out Waseda University’s ideal situation in 2032 (the 150th anniversary of Waseda’s founding), in order to realize this founding philosophy in the modern era. “Waseda Vision 150” is a mid-to long-term plan that consists of four visions for the reorganization of the education and research system, and the fundamental reform of university governance. To achieve this vision, 13 core strategies with numerical targets are currently being implemented.


Four visions

Promotion of Leading Research

Waseda University establishes world-class global researcher groups and promotes research that is linked to social issues by steadily implementing the initiatives set forth in the “Waseda Vision 150.” We have formulated three research policies based on the three core strategies of “promotion of original research and enhancement of the ability to deliver this internationally,” “education, research, and societal contributions that expand to the world,” and “new challenges in educational and research fields.” We have accelerated development of the research environment and system reforms for establishing Waseda University as an international research university in the next 20 years.


Three research policies

System for Promoting Research

Waseda University has established a Research Enhancement Head Office, headed by the President of Waseda University. The Research Strategy Section, Research Innovation Center and the Research Promotion Division play a focal role in strengthening research functions in Waseda University, and work jointly to promote research activities across the University. University Research Administrators (URA) are deployed to the Research Strategy Section, Research Innovation Center, and work to revitalize research activities in each faculty and research council.

About us


The Research Strategy Section, Research Innovation Center aims at revitalizing academic research in Waseda to make the university more internationally competitive and to enhance the presence, exerting significant impact on the research community outside the university.
For this purpose, the center examines, analyzes and evaluates the research environment and systems, plans research strategies and makes recommendations to fulfill our responsibilities through academic research activities, promotes and supports research activities through assisting faculty members in obtaining competitive research funds and awards, and develops an extensive network of connections for research among industry, academia, and government.

Research, analysis and evaluation

The Research Strategy Section is responsible for conducting research, analyzing and evaluating roles which universities are expected to play in response to a changing global society, economy and environment and serves as the basis for Waseda to formulate its research strategies. We have conducted extensive research on relevant policy trends, such as in the field of science, technology and innovation and government funding for research. We have also closely monitored and surveyed current research trends in Waseda.

Research strategies and recommendations

The Research Strategy Section examines a number of research strategy choices based on surveys and research outcomes, actively interacts with researchers, departments and research centers in Waseda, and frames and proposes the most feasible and effective research plans.
We provided the university, outside agencies and the government with policy recommendations concerning research challenges and questions. We also developed training/educational programs for research administrators in universities as a commissioned project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Research promotion and support

The Research Strategy Section assists faculty members in designing research projects, making plans and improving the research environment by recommending system reforms for revitalizing research activities, assisting applications for major competitive funds, collaborating with research institutions in Japan and abroad, and promoting industry-academia-government collaboration.

Expanding network of connections for research

The Research Strategy Section intends to enhance strategic as well as organizational planning abilities through acquiring various expertise and information valuable for research revitalization and developing a network of researchers in and outside of the university.
We have been active in networking by internally providing information on public funding programs and research evaluation systems, and externally providing our expertise with JST and overseas partners.


Shinji Wakao

Director, Research Strategy Section / Associate Director, RIC
■Research interests
Electromagnetic Field Computation, Electric Machine, Renewable Energy, Photovoltaic Power Generation System, Design Optimization
■Short Bio
Ph.D. in electrical engineering, Waseda University (1993). Assistant, a full-time Lecturer and Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering Waseda University (1993-2006). Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University (2006). Dean of School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University (2016–2020). 2015 and 2019 Recipient of the Waseda University Teaching Award (President’s Award).

Faculty members

Shingo Ichimura

Associate Director, Research Strategy Section / Professor, RIC
■Research interests
Research Strategy,Standardization, Nanotechnology, Surface Engineering and Characterization, Beam Surface Interaction
■Short Bio
Earned Ph.D. from Osaka University and joined ETL in 1982, after postdoctoral researcher at CEA-Saclay/France in 1981. Humboldt Research Fellow worked at Max-Planck-Institute/Stuttgart (1987-1988). Chief of Surface Engineering Section and Vice Director of Frontier Technology Division/ETL (1993-2000). Senior Planning Manager/Planning Headquarters/AIST, and Director of Ultra-fine Profiling Technology Research laboratory and Research Institute of Instrumentation Frontier/AIST (2001-2007). Vice and Senior-Vice President of AIST (2007-2014). Professor and Director of Strategic Innovation Office/ Nagoya University (2014-2018). Professor , CRS Waseda(2018-2019.5). With restructuring our organization, Professor, RIC Waseda(2019.6-).

Shuichi Inada

Professor, RIC
■Research interests
Business innovation/value creation with the use of IoT/data analysis, Info-communication network
■Short Bio
Earned ME from Kyushu University in 1979 and MA from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1984. Joined Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (Now Ministry of Internal affairs and Communications) in 1979, Vice President and Member of the Board of Directors of National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (2006-2008), Director General of Kinki Regional Bureau of Telecommunications (2008-2010) and Counselor of Information and Communications Bureau (2010-2012). Project Professor of the University of Tokyo (2012-2017), Secretary General of the Telecommunication Technology Committee (2016-2019). Professor of Center for Research Strategy in Waseda University (2019-2019.5). With restructuring our organization, Professor, RIC Waseda(2019.6-).

Kunihiko Shimano

Professor, RIC
■Research interests
Intellectual Property Policy, Electrical Engineering
■Short Bio
Earned M.E. in Electrical Engineering from Waseda University (1985). Joined the Japan Patent Office in 1985, Examiner, Administrative Judge, Counselor of the Intellectual Property Strategy Promotion Headquarters in the Cabinet Secretariat (2005-2006), Director of the Policy Planning and Research Division of the Policy Planning and Coordination Department (2008-2010), Director of the Administrative Affairs Division of the Patent Examination Department (2012-2013), Director-General of the Patent Examination Department, in change of electronic technology (2013-2015), Director General of the Trial and Appeal Department (2015-2017) and Deputy Commissioner (2017-2020). Registered as a Patent Attorney (2020). Professor of Research Innovation Center in Waseda University (2021.2-).

Yasushi Matsunaga

matsunaga-3Professor, RIC
■Research interests
Research Strategy/Evaluation, Micro plasma, Nano Plasma, Process Plasma Technology, Carbon Nanotubes, Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics
■Short Bio
M.Sci. in Plasma Physics, Waseda University (1990). Joined ULSI Research Center, Toshiba Corp. in 1990. Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University (1995 -1998). Earned Ph.D. in Plasma Physics, Waseda in 1997. Associate Professor and Head of Secretariat at 21st COE Physics Program (2004-2009), Associate Professor, CRS Waseda (2009-2012). Professor, CRS Waseda (2013-2019.5). With restructuring our organization, Professor, RIC Waseda(2019.6-).

Mikiko Shimaoka

shimaokaProfessor, RIC
■Research interests
Research Strategy/Evaluation, Management of Nonprofit Organization, Collaborative Governance, Entrepreneurship Education
■Short Bio
Ph.D. in Public Management, Waseda University (2013). Associate Researcher, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (2011). Research Associate, Research Institute of the Faculty of Commerce, Waseda University (2011). Assistant Professor, CRS Waseda (2014-2015). Associate Professor, CRS Waseda (2016-2019), Deputy General Manager of WASEDA-EDGE program (2016-), General Manager of WASEDA-EDGE program (2019-), Professor at Graduate School of Public Management, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University (2019-2021), Professor at School of Health Innovation, Kanagawa University of Human Services (2019-).

Kazuo Hashimoto

hashimoto-3Professor, RIC
■Research interests
Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation, Ontology, Privacy Management
■Short Bio
Ph.D. in Information Science, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan (2001). M.Sci. in Computer Science, Brown University, Providence, R.I. (1986). M.Eng. in Electronics, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan (1979). Senior Manager (1996) and Executive Director (2000), KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc., Tokyo, Japan. President and CEO, KDDI Labs USA, Inc., Palo Alto, California, USA (2001). Professor, Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan (2005). Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Bio-Engineering, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan (2012). Professor, CRS Waseda (2014-2019.5). With restructuring our organization, Professor, RIC Waseda(2019.6-).

Yoshiyuki Shirakawa

shirakawa-3Professor, RIC
■Research interests
Research Strategy/Evaluation, Nuclear/Radiation Engineering, Electric/Electronic Engineering, Sensing/Control Engineering
■Short Bio Electric/Electronic Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology (1980), worked for Nippon Steel Corp. (1980-1996), studied in Harwell Laboratory, UK (1985-1987), earned Engineering (1993), joined Fukui University(1996-1998), transferred to National Institute of Radiological Sciences(1998-2015), Director of Technical Development(2010-2015), joined Kobe University as Professor(2015), Professor, CRS Waseda(2015-2019.5). With restructuring our organization, Professor, RIC Waseda(2019.6-).

Kohei Maruyama

maruyama-3Professor, RIC
■Research interests
Research Development, Science and Technology Policy, Technology Planning, Measurement Science, Metrology, Bio-sensing
■Short Bio
M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering, Meiji University (1994). Ph.D. in Biotechnology, Tokyo University Agr & Technol (2004). JUKI Corporation (1994-2005). Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Waseda University (2005-2009). Associate Professor, CRS Waseda (2009-2012). Fellow, Center for Research and Development Strategy (CRDS), Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) (2009-2012). Senior Research Administrator, Tokyo University Agr & Technol (2012-2014). Associate Professor, CRS Waseda (2014-2016). Professor, CRS Waseda (2017-2019.5). With restructuring our organization, Professor, RIC Waseda(2019.6-).

Kazuhito Matsumoto

matsumotoProfessor, RIC
■Research interests
Technology Strategy, Information and Communications Policy, Broadcasting Policy, International Standardization
■Short Bio
Earned M.Sci in Information Engineering from Kyushu University in 1997. After joining the Ministry Posts and Telecommunications (currently Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)) in 1997, most of his career in the Government relates to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) policy such as technology strategy, competition policy in the telecommunications business field, transition from terrestrial television broadcasting to digital, e-Government and promotion of content distribution. His recent career is: Director for Space Development and Cooperation, Space Development and Utilization Division, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (2015-2016), Senior Manager, CYBER GRID Japan, LAC Co., Ltd. (2016-2019), Director for International Standardization, ICT Standardization Division, MIC (2019-2021.6), and currently Professor, RIC Waseda (2021.7-).

Takaaki Ohara

Associate Professor, RIC
■Research interests
Technology Strategy, Management of Technology, Industry-Academia Collaboration, Biotechnology, Agribiotechnology
■Short Bio
B.A. in Agriculture, Kyoto University (1984), Ph.D. in Engineering, Kochi University of Technology (2018). KANEKA Corporation (1984-2019). Associate Professor, Office for Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration in Yonago, Research Strategy Division, Organization for Research Initiative and Promotion, Tottori University (2019-2020). Associate Professor, RIC Waseda(2020.10-).

Takashi Ichinose

一之瀬先生新Associate Professor, RIC
■Research interests
Research Strategy/Evaluation, Sports Medical Sciences
■Short Bio
B.A. in Human Sciences, Waseda University (1998), M.A. in Human Sciences, Waseda University (2000), Ph.D. in Medicine, Shinshu University (2004). Research Associate, Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University (2004-2007). Waseda Research Institute Corporation (2008-2014). Assistant Professor, CRS Waseda (2014-2015). Associate Professor, CRS Waseda (2016-2019.5). With restructuring our organization, Associate Professor, RIC Waseda(2019.6-).

Emi Yagishita

Associate Professor, RIC
■Research interests
Strategies for Global Expansion, Promotion of International Collaborative Research, History of Arts and Culture, Western History
■Short Bio
Earned Ph.D. in Literature, Waseda University. Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (DC2) (2013.4-2015.1), Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (PD) (2015.2-2015.3), Research Associate at Waseda University, Research Institute for Letters, Arts and Sciences (2015.4-2016.3), Assistant Professor at Waseda University, Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences (2016.4-2018.3). Associate Professor, CRS Waseda (2019.4-2019.5). With restructuring our organization, Associate Professor, RIC Waseda(2019.6-).



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