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Research Facilities

About NTRC (Nanotechnology Research Center)

“Nanotechnology Research Center” was established in 2001, for the purpose to promote the research and the education in the field of Nanotechnology. We equipped the various facilities and the equipment utilizing the public funds.  We supporting also general companies and public organizations for research as well as the researches within the university, as an opened infrastructure of nanotechnology that based on the knowledge through the studies in the research center.

Main Research Equipment

  • High quality film-forming devices
  • Fine pattern exposure systems
  • Dry etching equipment
  • Plating equipment
  • Surface processing and bonding equipment
  • Automatic laminators
  • Electron microscopes
  • Surface monitoring and analyzing equipment
  • Elemental analyzer
  • Electric characteristics measurement tools for devices
  • Impedance analyzers
  • Environment maintaining equipment
  • Special film-forming equipment for diamond substrates

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Facilities' layout plan

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