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883ed8c0f1e0c9c950f29e706c965304The Nanotechnology Forum, Waseda University (NFM) is an association which helps to collaborate with various organizations closely. Members regularly discuss nanotech researches and developments at the conferences which they themselves organized. Especially the main themes are ‘Functional non-organic material’, ‘Information functional material’, ‘Micro / Nano fotonics’, ‘Nano structure syste’, ‘Nano / Micro sensing system’, ‘Bio micro system’, and so on.

Forum Administration

  • We elect chairman, vice-chairpersons, research subcommittee coordinators, inspectors and advisers  from our members and organize based on a general meeting.
  • Research subcommittee coordinators promote related activities and plan activities of the hole.

Main Activities

  • Annual Seminars, study briefing sessions
  • Private lectures on demand
  • Interactions between member companies
  • Research facilities tour
  • Mail magazines about hot research topics and spirited researchers
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