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Spurred on by our adoption of the Centers of Excellence (COE) Program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), we have concentrated our efforts on establishing the Institute for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology as a center of practical nanotechnology research and education. Our globally unique nano processing foundry, with equipment capable of handling both dry and wet processing, is being used not only in research, but also to foster advanced industrial human resources through the Nanotechnology Forum (NFM), a platform for industry-academia collaboration launched in 2004. Meanwhile, the Consolidated Research Institute for Advanced Science and Medical Care, Waseda University (ASMeW), was established in 2004 upon adoption of the Super COE Program, in order to spearhead collaboration in research between medicine, science and technology and train talented postdoctoral researchers into Super Technology Officers (STOs), who can pioneer such collaborative activities. Based on these achievements, we established the Research Organization for Nano & Life Innovation to act as a platform for supporting discontinuous innovations spanning multiple disciplines, including telecommunications, environment and energy, and medicine, in order to contribute to the solving of energy/life problems in which all kinds of issues are intertwined in a complex manner. We will instigate a paradigm shift by turning nanotechnology, the pride of our country, from “manufacturing” into “the pursuit of better lives”.

Prof. KURODA,Kazuyuki
Chairperson, Acting President of Waseda University (Research Promotion)

Promoting Borderless Research and Education through Industry,
Government and Academia Collaboration and Overseas Cooperation

Our organization consists of a gathering of experienced researchers from the former Institute for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology and ASMeW, combined with cutting-edge equipment. We will actively promote backcasting-style R&D, with a focus on global issues, based on the seeds of technology developed by free-thinking people who pride themselves in being top-class researchers or students in the world, and propped up by strong R&D capabilities in basic technology. Centered on the newly constructed Smart Energy System Innovation Center, we will create a system that will allow the infusion of huge external funds for interdisciplinary research, while establishing a global platform for collaborative industry, government and academia, nano-life innovation research. In doing so, we will also fortify our system of carrying out advanced education of young researchers and engineers, and aim to foster human resources capable of meeting the needs of society. Moreover, we will bolster coordination with other associations by organizing international meetings and various other events to raise awareness for our organization, and build a system that will also enable international collaboration in research. We will acquire talented researchers and engineers both domestically and from overseas to promote borderless research based on nanotechnology.

Prof. ASAHI,Toru

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