Office for Students with DisabilitiesWaseda University

Available Support

For all types of physical disabilities

Communication of special arrangements to faculty

We will notify the faculty in charge of the classes taken by students with disabilities that there will be a students with disabilities in the class. We will explain to them about the necessary special arrangements, the nature of assistance to be provided by the Office and the supporter, and request their cooperation.

Special arrangements for final exams

We will notify the faculty and exam proctors in writing of points to consider so that you are not disadvantaged during final exams. Special measures, such as the extension of exam time, will be taken upon coordination with departments or graduate schools to which you belong.


Examples of special arrangements

Students with hearing impairment

  • Communication of instructions and other notices regarding the exam using whiteboards or other means

Students with visual impairment

  • Permission to use a magnifying glass
  • Extension of exam time
  • Enlarged printing of problem and answer sheets

Students with mobility impairment

  • Change of classroom for exams
  • Extension of exam time
  • Change of answering method

Provision of information

We provide information, such as employment information for students with disabilities.

Individual consultation

We provide consultation on using services and on student life.

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