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Provision of Coupons for Babysitter Dispatch Service

In order to assist university faculty and staff balance childcare and work, the University  provides coupons for the babysitter dispatch services issued by the All Japan Childcare Services Association, which has been entrusted with providing the services by the Cabinet Office. When using the babysitter service with a coupon, users can receive a 2,200-yen discount for the daily babysitter service usage fee of each eligible child. Special measures regarding restrictions on how many coupons can be used have been put in place for the 2020 fiscal year. The period of validity of these measures has yet to be determined as of September 10.

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User’s Voice

In response to the coronavirus my daughter’s daycare temporarily closed from April 10 to the end of June. My daughter enrolled in the daycare on April 1, which means it closed just as she finished her one-week settling-in session. We both work, so this was very hard on us, but thanks to this babysitter support system we received support for covering babysitter expenses. Before entering the daycare, my daughter received at-home daycare services, which is available to those who are on waiting lists. We were able to use the same babysitter service we used then and had the same babysitters come to us.

This system really helped us because it allowed us to request our preferred babysitters without having to worry about costs. I sincerely hope people across the university learn more about this support system.

Tachio Terauchi, Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering

After our children were born, I returned to work without taking childcare leave, so babysitters were indispensable for our household. At first I might have been a bit hesitant to let someone into my house. But when I considered my priorities of being able to continue working after my children were born, I realized receiving a professional’s support was much more important than my hesitation. My older child is nearing the age limit (third year in elementary school) of the discount coupon, but can’t handle fire yet. I can’t ask the two of them to eat dinner, take a bath, and go to bed on their own. When I have research seminars or meetings in the evening, or at night, I ask the babysitter I’ve been hiring for nine years to look after them. For my family, the babysitter is an irreplaceable supporter. Researchers can’t squeeze all their work hours into the periods when their children are preoccupied, so I’m very grateful for the discount coupons. Knowing there’s someone we can comfortably entrust with looking after our children has been invaluable for us to continue working.

Kyoko Ishida, Professor, Faculty Low

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