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Work Life Design Café in the Faculty of Human Sciences

Work Life Design Café in the Faculty of Human Sciences

“ Please Advise Me, Senpai! #Job Hunting #Graduate Studies #Work Style”

Date: December 12 (Thu.), 2019
Venue: Tokorozawa campus Building No.100, Space in front of the Tokorozawa Library
Guest Speakers:
・Asuka Tanoue, Sompo Health Support Inc., Manager for Planning and Development Department, Healthy promotion department industry health senior mental health coordinator
・Risa Ogiwara, Administrative Director for Career Center
Master of Ceremony:
Eriko Sugimori, Associate Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences

Eriko Sugimori, Associate Professor

In cooperation with the Faculty of Human Sciences, continued from last year, we held the Work Life Design Café, which invited alumni to serve as guest speakers for students. Speaking about her experiences, Ms.Tanoue said, “When I reached a turning point, I decided on a general direction and then left things to chance,” and Ms. Ogiwara commented, “When I was thinking about changing careers, I came across a job listing by chance and, believing it was fate, decided to challenge myself.” Attendees listened intently as the two discussed how they took advantage of “chance.”

Message from Guest Speakers

While it’s true that the more significant a decision, the more anxiety and hesitation it generates, I hope that when they reach a critical juncture, students will carry an ambitious, desirable sense of direction and take bold steps forward while maintaining a sense of curiosity and enjoying the chance encounters they experience at university.
(Ms. Tanoue)


It’s impossible to predict the future, but as long as you earnestly engage with what’s in front of you, you will develop skills and personal connections, and opportunities will appear. I hope students will take a new step forward while appreciating both the changing and unchanging aspects of themselves.
(Ms. Ogiwara)



Voice of the participant

Participants who listened intently to the talk (writer, central back)

As I listened to the two of them speak about their lives and careers, and their mindset at certain points along their paths, I realized the importance of thinking about how to utilize past experiences and current studies in one’s life and career. I also learned the importance of keeping a positive outlook, practicing self-determination, and staying alert in order to make the best decisions possible. I hope to utilize what I learned today in my own career life plan.

Reiko Nakayama
Graduate School of Human Sciences
Master’s Program Second-year Student


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