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Notice on Opening of Nursery Center for Children of Students, Faculty, and Staff on Tokorozawa Campus

Waseda University is committed to supporting faculty and staff to keep balance between work and life, and provides “Nursery Centers for children of students, faculty, and staff” for short term daycare and “Nursing Rooms” on campuses.

A newly established Nursery Center and Nursing Room has just opened on Tokorozawa Campus, following those on Waseda Campus and Nishi-Waseda Campus. The accepted aged, usage fee, and subsidy from the university are same with those at the Nursery Centers which have been already started operation previously.

Prior registration is required, therefore, please proceed with the necessary procedures. Detailed information is available on the website shown below.


New! Tokorozawa Campus : Room 312 , 3rd Floor, Building 100

・Waseda Campus (off campus area): 1st Floor, Building 99 (STEP21)
・Nishi-Waseda Campus : Room 216, 2nd Floor, Building 60

Eligible Users
  • Faculty and Staff
    Full-time Faculty, Non-tenured Faculty, Research Associates (JOSHU), Part-time Lecturers, Part-time Instructors, Senior Research Professors, Researchers, Research Associates (KENKYU JOSHU), Research Support Staff (KENKYU HOJOSHA), Teaching Assistants, Course Administration Support Staff  (JUGYOJIMU HOJOSHA), Student Staff, Research Assistants, Full-time Staff, Full-time Contract Employees, Part-time Contract Employees, and Part-time Temporary Worker   * Excludes those who are paid by external funds.
  • Students
    Regular Students, Regular Students of the Art and Architecture School, Students in the Japanese Language Program, and Non-Degree Students and Students of the Extension Center
Ages accepted

Infants at least 57 days old through pre-school

  • Tokorozawa Campus : 9:00 am to 8:00 pm *due to opening hours of Tokorozawa Campus (subject to change) (By appointment only)
  • Waseda and Nishi-Waseda Campus : 9:00 am to 9:30 pm (By appointment only)
Usage Fee

Fee (Per hour) 2,750 JPY


Fee (Per hour) 1,700 JPY   *Out-of-Pocket Amount Fee (Per hour) 1,050 JPY

User Registration

In order to use the nursery center for the first time, registration is required.

Please apply from the ” <For Faculty and Staff>Application Form of the Nursery Center for Students, Faculty and Staff ” on the  Nursery Center for Students, Faculty and Staff webpage. Please allow yourself plenty of time as it takes about 10 days to complete the registration.

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