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Action Plan based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children

1. Action Plan

We have formulated the following Action Plan to allow all faculty and staff to fully exercise their potential by providing a convenient working environment in which all faculty and staff can attend to both their work and childcare.

Three years from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2021

Goal 1. Take measures to secure and develop human talent among female faculty and staff, such as offering a support system, and an environment conducive to education and research.


  1. Hold various training courses, lectures, exchange meetings and seminars to improve and raise faculty’s and staff’s awareness regarding promotion of gender equality.
  2. Make childcare support systems known more widely, such as the Nursery Center for Faculty and Staff, and financial assistance for babysitter and home care worker expenses.
  3. Expand facilities and equipment on each campus that support faculty and staff performing childcare, such as nursing rooms, multipurpose restrooms and childcare space.

Goal 2. Take measures to allow more faculty and staff to continue their work as they raise their children.


  1. Revise information on childcare support measures so that it is easier to understand, and make it widely known among faculty and staff.
  2. For faculty and staff who do not meet the requirements of the Child Care and Family Care Leave Act, improve support which helps them to work while raising their children.
  3. Take measures for staff on childcare leave or who are raising children in order to maintain their desire to work and their competency to do so.

Goal 3. Promote creation of an environment that encourages all faculty and staff to be healthy, work actively, and be successful.


  1. Organize “Diversity Training” with the purposes of constructing a working environment and climate in which all faculty and staff can work vigorously regardless of individual differences, such as gender, employment status, or nationality, etc., and of encouraging the ambitions and abilities of all affiliated members.
  2. As part of a broader effort to create a working environment where faculty and staff can more easily engage in childcare, hold discussions and seminars for childcare leave by male staff and use of nursery/childcare services to share information and make it more widely known.
  3. Promote efforts and awareness-raising that allow the taking of annual paid vacations consecutively (a long vacation).
  4. Enhance concrete efforts for introduction of a working-hour interval system.

Goal 4 Reduce average overtime hours.


  1. With regard to No Overtime Day, this is to be implemented fully and flexibly so that not only can No Overtime Day be applied differently to specific workplaces, but also based on individual circumstances, and individual employees may take the Day according to their work schedule, etc.
  2. The Personnel Division will have individual meetings with senior administrators of workplaces where there is frequent overtime, and offer specific support to raise awareness and match individual circumstances.
  3. Continuously conduct a Smart Work-Life Balance Campaign which works on several measures to support a good work-life balance.
  4. Develop a new system for personnel management, including a function of creating a monthly schedule for expected overtime hours, and proactively introduce technologies which contribute to improvement in productivity, such as streamlining or automation of work.

2. Past Action Plan

Action Plan based on the 2015 Act on the Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

1. Action Plan

Waseda University is developing as a truly global university and respects diversity and the promotion of equal participation of men and women in the workplace. The University has formulated the following Action Plan to create an environment where women can maximize their potential in education, research, and the workplace.

Five years from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2021

1) Improve the ratio of female full-time (tenured) faculty

2) Improve the ratio of female senior administrators

Goal 1: Raise the average ratio of female full-time (tenured) faculty to 20% by AY2020.

Details of Initiative:

Begins April 2016

• Establish quantitative targets (number of hires) for each faculty and affiliated school hiring    faculty.

Begins June 2016

• Coordinate quantitative targets set by faculties and affiliated schools across the entire university, and aim to achieve these targets through the PDCA cycle within the subsequent time frame of the Action Plan.

From AY2016 to AY2020

• Examine positive actions throughout the entire university for hiring female faculty.

• Publicly release results of annual achievements.


Goal 2: Raise the ratio of female senior administrators to 15% by AY2020

Details of Initiative:

Begins in April 2016 and continues each academic year

• The ‘Training Program to Encourage Diversity and More Participation by Female Staff’ will be  deployed.

• Seminars and lectures will be provided that aim to reform awareness towards female promotions to the senior administrator level.

• The ratio of female managers shall be raised to that higher than the year before, and the number of women who experience being a leader in the workplace will be increased.

2. Publicly release information on the participation of women

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