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the meeting report:Institute for Research in Opera and Music Theatre Information of Monthly Regular Meeting November 2020

the meeting report for 11/7

*Comments: There were 25 participants including those from abroad. It seemed that many
researchers of dance studies were present as in the last Meeting. The exchange of information was very stimulating in the Q&A-section.

Information of Monthly Regular Meeting November 2020 (The 191th Meeting of Opera Research Group)

Waseda Institute for Research in Opera and Music Theatre (WIROM), Comprehensive Research Organisation, Waseda University

Keywords for Opera and Music Theatre

abstract for the Meeting
  • Time and Date: November 7th (Sat.) 16:30-17:30 (JST)
  • Format: Online meeting (Zoom)
  • Presenter:YAMADA, Sayaka
  • Title:  Dance and Opera at the Teigeki in the Taisho Era and Ballet in Turn-of-the-Century Europe: Focus on the Activities of G.V. Rosi
  • Language: Japanese
  • Chair:  NAKAMURA, Ryo
  • Abstract:
    IMany Western-style dance and opera works were performed at the Teigeki (the Imperial Theatre in Tokyo) during the Taisho era. Some of the works performed there are thought to have been adapted from ballet that was previously performed in national theatres and variety theatres elsewhere. It is assumed that this was due to the influence of the activities of the Italian ballet master Giovanni Vittorio Rosi, who was invited to the Teigeki as a teacher in the Opera Department.
    This presentation examines the Teigeki performances and works that Rosi was involved in by clarifying performance activities in Western Europe before Rosi’s arrival in Japan.
    Keywords: Giovanni Vittorio Rosi / the Imperial Theatre in Tokyo / variety theatre / London, UK / Italy / La Scala, Milan

— Registration is required by November 4 (Wed.). Please write an e-mail with name, affiliation and e-mail address (subject: November Meeting) to:
reikaiuketsuke[at] ( [at] = @)

-The invitation e-mail via zoom will be sent to the registrants at 14:00 on November 7

Profile of Presenter

YAMADA, Sayaka

Assistant Professor at Japan Women’s University (Faculty of Human Sciences and Design, Department of Child Studies). PhD (Dance Studies). Adjunct researcher at the Waseda Institute for Research in Opera and Music Theatre. Special research fields: the history of dance in Japan and Europe, particularly their popular theatres from the end of the 19th century to the early 20th century.

Next meeting

Next meeting will be held on December 5 (Sat.) 2020

・Presenter:KITAGAWA, Chikako

・Chair: SATO, Suguru

Waseda Institute for Research in Opera and Music Theatre (WIROM), Comprehensive Research Organization, Waseda University:

e-mail address: operaken-uketsuke[at] ( [at] = @)

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Tue, 17 Nov 2020

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