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the meeting report:Institute for Research in Opera and Music Theatre Information of Monthly Regular Meeting October 2020

the meeting report for 10/3

*Comments:There were 25 participants. It seemed that many researchers of dance studies were present. The discussion was very lively in the Q&A-section. The Meeting was thus fruitful together with the presentation.

Information of Monthly Regular Meeting October 2020 (The 190th Meeting of Opera Research Group)

Waseda Institute for Research in Opera and Music Theatre (WIROM), Comprehensive Research Organisation, Waseda University

Keywords for Opera and Music Theatre

abstract for the Meeting
  • Time and Date: October 3rd (Sat.) 16:30-17:30 (JST)
  • Format: Online meeting (Zoom)
  • Presenter:SUGIYAMA, Chizuru
  • Title:  Activities by the Pioneers of Modern Japanese Dance in the Asakusa Opera
  • Language: Japanese
  • Chair:  YAGISHITA, Emi
  • Abstract:
    In the western style of dance in modern Japan, the Asakusa Opera is significant in that it shows the prehistory of modern Japanese dance and that a genealogy linked to modern dance and the Asakusa light theater has been created. This presentation provides an overview of dance performed at the Asakusa Opera, and especially the works of Baku Ishii (1886-1962), Masao Takata (1895-1929), and Seiko Hara (1895-1977), who became pioneers of modern Japanese dance.

Keywords: Asakusa Opera / Dance / Baku Ishii / Masao Takata / Seiko Hara.


– Registration is required by September 30 (Wed.). Please write an e-mail with name, affiliation and e-mail address (subject: October Meeting) to:
operaken-uketsuke[at] ( [at] = @)

– The invitation e-mail via zoom will be sent to the registrants at 14:00 on October3

Profile of Presenter

Professor at Waseda University. 1983-2008: Participated in the activities of the Tokyo Creative Dance Company organized by Ko and Toshiko Fujii. Edited “The Asakusa Opera Modernity of Performing Arts and Entertainment” (2017, Shinwa-sha), “Physical Representation of Modern Japan” (2013, Shinwa-sha); Coauthor of “The Body of the Japanese, Reconsidered” (2012, Meiwa Publishing) and others.

Next meeting

Next meeting will be held on November 7 (Sat.) 2020

・Presenter: YAMADA, Sayaka

・Chair: NAKAMRUA, Ryo

e-mail address: operaken-uketsuke[at] ( [at] = @)

(This information will be sent later by Facebook and Twitter. You can see it in them, too.)

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Fri, 09 Oct 2020

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