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Chairperson, Comprehensive Research Organization /
Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences

The Comprehensive Research Organization of Waseda University is comprised of Project Research Institutes augurated in April 2000. Each institute is a research group with full-time faculty staff of Waseda as the core members, promoting cross-disciplinary, collaborative joint research. While the term “research institute” is generally associated with large buildings and a permanent research organization, the Project Research Institutes are time-limited, functional research units, established with the aim of implementing research projects within a specific time frame. In many cases they do not have a dedicated building, but they have become venues for wide-ranging research, transcending physical buildings and connecting the researchers in a multifaceted manner.

Twenty years after the official inauguration, the number of Project Research Institutes under the Comprehensive Research Organization has reached approximately 110. The Institutes have succeeded in stimulating liberal and unrestricted research among faculty members and researchers at Waseda University, and have provided significant impetus for promoting research activities and cooperation with the society. Furthermore, through the participation of researchers outside Waseda, including overseas researchers, Project Research Institutions being centered on our university has expanded globally and are working actively on the frontlines of Waseda as a research university.

This homepage will provide you with a thorough understanding of the current new and diverse research trends at the university, as well as a glimpse of the future of research in the Waseda community.
I look forward to your continued support for the Comprehensive Research Organization, Waseda University, and the Project Research Institutes.

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