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the meeting report: Institute for Research in Opera and Music Theatre Monthly Regular Meeting July 2020

the meeting report for 7/18

*Comments: There were 21 participants. Among them were Prof. Michael Grover-Friedlander from Tel Aviv University (Israel), Prof. Christopher Morris from Meynooth University (Ireland) and Prof. Clemens Risi from Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany). We discussed lively with these participants from abroad on the theme “Takarazuka and Wagner”.

Prof. Michael Grover-Friedlander from Tel Aviv University (Israel)

Monthly Regular Meeting July 2020 (The 189th Meeting of Opera Research Group)

Waseda Institute for Research in Opera and Music Theatre (WIROM), Comprehensive Research Organisation, Waseda University

Keywords for Opera and Music Theatre

abstract for the Meeting
  • Time and Date: July 18th (Sat.) 16:30-17:30 [Tokyo] Online meeting (Q&A only)
  • Presenter: McCORKLE, Brooke
  • Title: Takarazuka and Wagner
  • Language: English
  • Chair: ONO, Hanae
  • Abstract:

This presentation examines the history of Takarazuka Revue’s adaptations of Wagner’s operas, focusing on the 1968 production of Tristan and Isolde.

These are the keywords for the presentation: Takarazuka Revue / Richard Wagner / Tristan und Isolde / Maho Shibuki / Gender.

  • Profile of Presenter:

McCORKLE, Brooke
Graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2015 with a PhD in music and a Master’s Degree in East Asian Studies. Assistant Professor, Carleton College (2019-present); Assistant Professor, University of Vermont (2018-2019); Japan Foundation Fellow, September 2019-August 2020. Author of various articles on opera and film music.


– This meeting could be cancelled according to circumstances. We will inform the registrants in case of the cancellation.
– Those who want to participate in this Q&A-meeting are required to watch video streaming in advance. The streaming will start on July 4th.
– Registration is also required by July 10 (Fri.). Please write an e-mail with name, affiliation and e-mail address (subject: July Meeting) to:
operaken-uketsuke[at] ( [at] = @)
– You can send questions for the Q&A to this e-mail address beforehand.
– The invitation e-mail via zoom will be sent to the registrants at 14:00 on July 18.

Next meeting

Next meeting will be held on October 3 (Sat.) 2020

Presenter: SUGIYAMA, Chizuru


e-mail address: operaken-uketsuke[at] ( [at] = @)

(This information will be sent later by Facebook and Twitter. You can see it in them, too.)

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Fri, 24 Jul 2020

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