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ALUMNI CAREER TALK ONLINE 2020 (Mainly for international students) ・卒業生キャリアトークオンライン2020 (外国人留学生対象)

ALUMNI CAREER TALK ONLINE 2020 (Mainly for international students)

Your alumni who are working for Japanese companies talk about both their job-hunting and working experiences! It’s a good chance to gain insights about your career path as an international talent as well as tips for job-hunting in Japan from their real voice. Come and listen their stories ! (you may ask questions directly to the alumni!)

Date: 11/16・20
Time: 18:15 – 19:45
Language: Mainly English
Content: Working and job-hunting experience stories by international alumni and talking time with them
System: ZOOM
※Reservation required.  (The max capacity of each talk is 50 attendees.)  Register from here.
※Please note that we may change the event schedule or cancel the event without advance notice.

Flyer and Talk Line Up

卒業生キャリアトークオンライン2020 (外国人留学生対象)

日本で働く外国人留学生の卒業生(OB/OG)をお招きして、外国人人材としての働き方やキャリアパス、また外国人留学生としての就職活動における注意点、努力した点をみなさんとフリートークでお話しいただきます。 社会人として活躍する先輩から話を聞くことのできる貴重な機会ですので、どうぞ奮ってご参加ください!

時間:18:15 – 19:45
※事前予約制です。(各日定員50名) ご予約はこちらから。


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