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Career development at Waseda University is not merely about helping you find a job. No matter what stage in life you are in, it entails identifying a rewarding career where you can contribute to society in your own unique way. There are countless opportunities at Waseda to guide you through your career explorations, even after graduating. Through these experiences, students find their calling and design their futures, honing skills to pave a fulfilling path for themselves.

Dean of Academic Affairs Shuichi Furuya shared his vision of how Waseda students and graduates can build competence to craft their ideal careers.

教務部長 法学学術院教授 古谷修一

Dean Shuichi Furuya

Shuichi Furuya
Professor, Faculty of Law
Dean of Academic Affairs
Professor Shuichi Furuya specializes in international criminal law and studies issues such as reparations for victims of armed conflicts. Professor Furuya is a member of the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission, a United Nations agency.

Dean Furuya on the “Competency Project” for career development

There are various kinds of careers due to the diverse lifestyles that exist today. Unlike in the past where people would graduate from university, find a job, and work for one employer until retirement, modern career development does not end once you are employed, but rather it continues throughout your lifetime. Waseda believes your time at the University is only a part of the process which prepares you to stand on the starting line. Therefore, we offer continuous support to students in two different aspects: as a higher education institution Waseda offers academic excellence to equip students with expert knowledge, as well as opportunities to build general competence.

General competence, which includes communication and problem-solving skills, is tested whenever you encounter someone different from you. Waseda embraces diversity at its core, and students naturally develop competency through student life, such as seminars and extracurricular activities within and outside the campus. Moreover, instead of taking a passive approach, the University is committed to providing hands-on programs for developing different skills, in accordance with the times and the environment surrounding students. This idea is at the heart of the Competency Project. In the summer of 2016 the University started organizing new programs in many fields, such as study abroad, volunteering, and internships.

ボルネオ活動写真Meeting and interacting with people are at the core of all of these programs. For example, as a volunteer, your role is not limited to cleaning up debris but includes communicating with the locals and collaborating with other volunteer organizations. Then, bonds form and passion takes over, allowing volunteers to verbally express their own experiences and what they have learned while realizing the purpose of contributing to society through volunteer activities. These programs have different aims, but no matter which program you choose to participate in, there is an opportunity waiting for you to meet people, to grow and learn as an individual and develop competency, helping you shape your future.

Not only limited to students, Waseda University has opened doors to alumni and working people who are eager to take the next step in their careers. For continuing education, the University offers open courses at the Extension Center. Furthermore, the Waseda Neo Program, which specifically targets executives and younger leaders, will be launch in April 2017. Waseda University’s ideal is to share its information resources and its human network to both students and graduates no matter what their stage in life.

For more information about career development at Waseda University, visit the Career Center website.

Competency Project outline

Career Center

w20151028_464The Career Center is dedicated to helping students in identifying and developing career goals through various career advancement and development programs, such as recruitment talks and seminars, guidance counseling and enrichment workshops to name a few.

Center for International Education (CIE)

44214C8E-38FA-4BEF-85A6-3712EC7DB38E.JPGWith the mission for students to proactively participate in cross-cultural learning, the Center for International Education coordinates an array of short and long-term exchange programs, ranging from one week to a year.

Other programs on campus
  • Deepening Your Learning: WASEDA Academic Literacy (Global Education Center), Student Staff Leader (International Community Center)
  • Exploring the World: Global Leadership Fellows Program (CIE), ICC Talk Session (International Community Center)
  • Engaging in Society: Outreach Program (International Community Center), Volunteer Projects (Hirayama Ikuo Volunteer Center)
  • Building Lifelong Friendship: ICC Event Supporters (International Community Center), Student Career Advisers (Career Center)
【Open Hours】The open hours are changed due to the COVID-19 impact. See here for the current open hours.
 Weekdays 9:00~18:00 Saturdays 9:00~17:00
 *The open hours during vacations are HERE
【Contact Information】
 Tel : 03-3203-4332  
 e-mail : career#list.waseda.jp
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