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Former Weightlifting Club member Namika Matsumoto picked for Olympics in women’s 63kg class

The Japan Weightlifting Association has selected Namika Matsumoto, an alumni of Waseda University Weightlifting Club, for the Women’s Weightlifting 63kg Class event at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. This will be her first appearance at the Games.

Matsumoto won her third All Japan Weightlifting Championship in a row this May, lifting 97kg in the snatch, a new Japanese record, and 114kg in the clean and jerk to score a total of 211kg, equaling the Japanese record. We hope you will support Waseda athletes like her as they compete against the world.


Japanese entrant in the Women’s Weightlifting 63kg Class at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

●Namika Matsumoto (Graduated School of Social Sciences, 2014; ALSOK)




部名 ウエイトリフティング部
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