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Established in 2014, the Waseda Athlete Program (WAP) is a service of the Athletic Center with the mission to assist all undergraduate student athletes at Waseda University (approximately 2,400 students in 44 clubs) in balancing their studies and sporting commitments, as well as developing their social and interpersonal skills. Through its systematic and comprehensive program, WAP aims to have student athletes graduate in the standard period of study of four years and obtain their academic and athletic goals for a rewarding undergraduate experience.

The Two Pillars of WAP

WAP is based on the two pillars of (1) character development and (2) academic support, which facilitates student athletes with academic planning so that they can graduate in the standard period of study of four years.

1.Character Development

Waseda University student athletes are not only about winning or competing at the highest level. They are to achieve both academic and athletic success, and become leaders in society across various fields. To become liberally-educated and acquire skills as student athletes, they receive original textbooks from the Athletic Center and have opportunities to attend lectures and seminars by guest lecturers from within and outside the University. Furthermore, the Center offers on-demand content through services such as [email protected], allowing student athletes with limited time to study at their convenience.

  • Academic Development
    Through original textbooks, on-demand video content, and lectures and seminars, students will acquire knowledge and the spirit as athletes representing Waseda University, and learn special skills necessary for student athletes and become liberally-educated.
  • Career Development
    Student athletes will have an opportunity to think about their careers, which includes their life after graduation and/or after athletic retirement. In addition to career development services available to all Waseda students, student athletes can take advantage of career-related events organized by the Athletic Center.
  • Community Engagement
    Student athletes will participate in volunteer activities and community services, bearing in mind self-consciousness as athletes, as well as gratitude for the local community and all their supporters.
  • International Exchange
    Starting with the periodic baseball, rugby, soccer, ice hockey and basketball matches with Korea University, exchanges with overseas universities and research institutions are intended to improve the performance of student athletes and foster a culture of open and international mindedness.

2. Academic Support

  • Academic Records
    The Athletic Center will keep track of all student athletes’ academic records (courses taken, credits earned, GPA, etc.) and work together with directors from their undergraduate program and affiliated athletic clubs in order for student athletes to maintain academic excellence and graduate in the standard period of study of four years.
  • Academic Advisors
    Together with directors from the student athletes’ undergraduate program and affiliated athletic clubs, academic advisors will offer advice on earning credits and provide study support.
  • Recognition and Awards
    • Academic Team Award
      Given annually to the top athletic clubs with the highest GPA average. The Outstanding Academic Team Award recognizes the athletic club with the highest GPA average.
    • Academic Excellence Award
      Given to graduating student athletes in the top 10%. The Outstanding Academic Excellence Award honors the top graduating student athlete with the highest cumulative GPA.
    • Academic Achievement Award
      Given annually to undergraduate student athletes in the top 10%. The Outstanding Academic Achievement Award recognizes the top undergraduate student athlete with the highest cumulative GPA.

Achievement Goals

First Year

  • Establish a daily routine for balancing studies and sporting commitments
  • Learn the history of Waseda University and sports at Waseda, and build pride and awareness as an athlete representing the University

Second Year

  • Become independent while being self-conscious and responsible as an upperclassmen and looking after junior athletes
  • Have integrity as a member of society and take responsibility for every actions and words as a student athlete at Waseda

Third Year

  • Have a clear vision for problem solving and use your talents for the team
  • Gain abilities to take one’s own initiative in society

Four Year

  • Exhibit leadership and guide the team to accomplish their goal as a senior member
  • Become a contributing member of society using the skills and talents honed as a total person, achieved through academic endeavor and sporting pursuits

Objective of WAP

WAP is dedicated to nurturing student athletes to excel both in their studies and sports, as well as cultivating global leaders who will contribute to society. Since the launch of the program in 2014, WAP has built a track record of achievements every year, and at the same time, plans to continue improving its program content. The University hopes that efforts taking place will become a new model for collegiate sports in Japan, and make a difference not only in Japan but to the development of society at large.

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