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Masayuki Ishii, Director, Athletic Center


Thank you for your continued warm support for Waseda Sports.

‘The truth keeps life simple and ordinary.’ These were the words of the Association Football Club manager, Tadao Horie, when I was a student and a member of the Football Club. Professor Horie represented Japan at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Following that, he became a professor of political science and economics and was accomplished in both academia and sports. I would like bear the Professor’s words in mind during my tenure and I would very much like to share his philosophy with everyone in the club.

There is no need to say anything complicated. The truth that we should all be aiming for is something that anyone can understand and everyone already knows. However, it is a very difficult thing to actually achieve and to put into place. In order to do this, we need intelligence, stamina, sensitivity, humanity and, above all, members of the team who are there for each other. That is what we have to work towards every day. Even so, we may not be able to achieve this but I would still like us all to pursue the simple, ordinary and difficult truth.

I think this can only be achieved with an accumulation of steady, concrete work. For us, that means our classes every day, studying and research, as well as practice in sports. If we earnestly repeat these actions every day, I really hope that all the students will take to heart how difficult it is and challenge themselves throughout their 4 years at each of Waseda’s sports clubs.

Next year, in 2022, it will be the 125th anniversary of physical Education Bureau, the predecessor to the Waseda Athletics Center. From then on, it will be a ‘new century for Waseda Sports’ and the BEYOND 125 Project, a medium-to-long-term sports promotion plan in order to move onto the next stage with a progressive spirit and eternal ideals has started. With the newly created logo shared across the 44 clubs as a symbol, the mission is to bring about a sense of unity by maximizing the values of everyone who is involved in Waseda Sports and to lead a reform of university sports.

By responding to the changing times in this way, without leaving behind our heritage, I would like to move forward while always questioning what being a part of Waseda means. As the successors of tradition and the creators of the future, I feel that the Waseda Athlete Programme (WAP) will cultivate a broad range of talent that will support global society, not only in sporting circles, with the principle of being accomplished in both academia and sports.

I would appreciate your continued support and guidance in the future.

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