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Masao Iwai, Director, Athletic Center

Masao Iwai, Director, Athletic Center


The Waseda University Athletic Center’s purpose is to encourage and promote sporting endeavors at the University through the 44 officially recognized sporting clubs.

Waseda has made significant contributions to the development of Japan’s modern history in sports, and we are proud to be a leading player in today’s collegiate sports. How we promote sports on campus has a significant influence on the country’s sporting affairs.

Many Waseda clubs have achieved the pinnacle of university sports in Japan, and all clubs strive in their daily training to enjoy the same glory. Waseda Sports is thriving and bringing pride and joy to many inside and outside the university. We are, however, also mindful of the fact that the value of sports, particularly at universities, is not solely about winning competitions. We are keenly aware that the raison d’être of sports is found in education, fostering human development as well as strong character in participants. Student athletes are meant to nurture rich human qualities through their pursuit of higher achievement in sports.

In 2014, the Athletic Center launched the Waseda Athletes Program (WAP), which is designed to help the members of our sporting clubs to flourish in both academics and athletics. This program accords with the principles of Vision 150, Waseda’s plan to produce the global leaders who will support our future society. We will strive to provide an even better education for each student athlete.

To ensure the continued success of Waseda Sports in the collegiate sporting world, the Athletic Center will maintain its efforts to cultivate people with unparalleled skills and character, whose contribution will make a difference in society. We look forward to your continued support and encouragement in our future pursuits.

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