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Spring Gathering for International Students 2021 was held online

On Wednesday, June 23, 2021, the Graduate School of Human Sciences and the Graduate School of Sport Sciences jointly held the Spring Gathering for international students. This year’s event was held online in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. A total of 51 people, 27 students and 24 faculty/staff members, participated in the event.

Spring Gathering Schedule
18:30: Welcome Remarks
Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Faculty of Human Sciences, Professor Hiroko TAKENAKA (Master of Ceremonies)

18:30: Opening Remarks
Senior Dean at Faculty of Human Sciences, Professor Hiroyuki MISHIMA

18:35: Welcome Speech
Senior Dean of the Faculty of Sport Sciences, Professor Jun TSUCHIYA

18:35~19:20: Opening Activity & Tokorozawa Campus Quiz
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Faculty of Human Sciences, Associate Professor Jun TAYAMA & Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Professor Hiroko TAKENAKA

19:25: Closing Speech
Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Associate Professor Taiji MATSUI

As this is an online event, we held an ice breaker session before the main entertainment to help the international students to relax. We had a sit-down stretching session to relieve tension, and then played an association game called “20 Questions” where each person was asked one question at a time. As the main event of this gathering, we held a quiz contest on the Tokorozawa campus using Kahoot, a four-choice quiz app. faculty and staff also participated in the competition together with International students to have fun. Congratulations to Ms. Xu who won the first place!

After the entertainment, we invited freshman students to introduce themselves briefly.
This was the first time for us to hold this gathering online, but thanks to the online technology, we could meet and interact with international students who are learning from their home countries. It was indeed a good opportunity for all of us!

Thank you to everyone who participated! The next one is scheduled for the fall semester. We hope to get together and meet in person if the situation allows. We hope you will join us again next time.

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