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Admissions PolicyNew student acceptance policy

With the educational philosophy of “independent academics,” Waseda University has consistently high fundamental scholarship and robust intellectual curiosity, and steeped in the progressive spirit that is the founding principle of our university, students have a strong desire to learn from a great many nations—beginning with Japan. In the Sport Sciences Department, we welcome students who aim to cultivate the “progressive spirit” that is the founding principle of the university, who maintain the scholarship from their curriculum up to high school, but who are not limited by that framework and instead learn with a broad perspective. We expect students with character to make plans independently with strong intellectual curiosity and be filled with the desire to take on a variety of challenges. Involvement in sport includes not only to “do”—there are a variety of ways to be involved, such as to “watch,” and to “support.” In this department, we want to enroll students who cultivate the ability to eagerly explore this broad range of sport sciences fields, and make significant contributions to the development of sport sciences. We conduct a variety of entrance examinations, including the “General Entrance Exam,” “entrance exam used by the National Center for University Entrance Examinations,” “Top Athletes Entrance Exam,” “Sport Self Recommendation Entrance Exam,” “Sport Recommendation Entrance Exam,” and the like. Using these various forms of entrance examination we strive to enroll students with a variety of personalities–such as those who are sport minded, have outstanding academic achievements, are highly competitive, and the like, in order to make the university a richer and fuller place of learning.

Curriculum PolicyOrganization and implementation of the curriculum policy

Setting out with the basic idea of organizing the curriculum so that students can acquire a broad range of education related to sport to conduct studies that are appropriate and satisfy student interests and objectives. We have students strive to develop their fundamental learning ability and communicative competence–including English and information processing and encourage students to take liberal arts courses such as set courses in the Open Education Center in the first year, and after considering their own learning objectives and broadly charting a career path, we have students select courses for the second year. In addition, with respect to taking specialized courses, core course requirements are kept to a minimum so that students can achieve their learning objectives and take the optimal courses from among a variety of choices. With an eye toward enhancing the flexibility in student selection, students take compulsory courses from the second half of the second year through the fourth year, with thorough training in their graduate research.

Diploma PolicyPolicy on conferring diplomas and degrees

Taking advantage of the integration and creativity of Waseda University, we foster the exchange of diverse scholarship, culture, language, and values–based on our systematic curriculum, university wide education, and student living environment–and develop human resources that can proactively contribute to the global society. In the School of Sport Sciences, along with developing human resources that are capable of sport promotion to middle-aged and older people from the standpoint of health promotion, business and management related to sport, as well as developing sport education and sport curriculum, we train teachers with a high degree of knowledge and practical skills to meet the “social need.” We develop human resources that can meet the “sport need” for educating and developing strategies to improve international competitiveness, competitive sport, all aspects of lifelong sport, and training human resources that are capable of managing disability and conditioning coaching. In addition, we develop human resources that can meet the “academic need” to train researchers who will devote themselves to the sciences related to sport, and who will make the appropriate proposals fro the way sport should be in a period of change.

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