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School of Sport Sciences, Dean, Jun Tsuchiya

The Faculty of Sport Sciences consists of the School of Sport Sciences established in 2003 as well as the Graduate School of Sport Sciences and the Waseda Institute for Sport Sciences simultaneously established in 2006.Despite shallow history of the academy within Waseda University, its origins can be traced back to the Department of Physical Education in the Faculty of Education, being established in 1964, when the same year that the 18th Summer Olympic Games were held in Tokyo. The Department was then developed and integrated into the Department of Sport Sciences in the Faculty of Human Sciences established in 1987, which has been to present.

Since its foundation, Waseda University has consistently been leading the world of Japanese sports. As early as 1903, the Waseda-Keio baseball game took place. In 1928, Mikio Oda, a student of Waseda University at that time, became the first Japanese athlete to win a gold medal at the Olympics in the triple jump. Furthermore, the fine piece of prose “Kono ikkyu” that has been widely known was written by Masanosuke Fukuda, an alumnus of Waseda University’s tennis club. As such, there are many examples of Waseda University and its people serving as a vital role in the history of sports entirely in Japan. In recent years, Waseda University students and alumni have played an active role in various sports events in international competitions such as the Olympics, Paralympics, World Championships, and World Cup.

With such an affluent sport culture at Waseda University, the Faculty of Sport Science owes establishment of the cornerstone in leading the education and research of sports and sport science in Japan and internationally more than ever.The Faculty of Sport Sciences offers seven courses in the School of Sport Sciences and five research areas in the Graduate School of Sport Sciences whilst it is a place where education and research on sport itself and the associated various phenomena put into practice.Through these educational and research activities, our mission is to “enhance and spread the value of sports”.

Sports have become an indispensable part of our lives, not merely out of the enthusiasm generated by the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the World Cup where elite athletes get together, but from their significant contribution to people’s health.The Rugby World Cup in Japan in 2019, the World Masters Games in Kansai in 2021, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo will be great opportunities to further alter the Japanese citizens’ awareness toward sports. It is now up to us to raise and broaden the value of sports.

The Faculty of Sport Sciences is waiting for everyone with a strong will to immerse yourself in the practice of sport and the exploration of sport sciences, and to play a pivotal role in “enhancing and spreading the value of sport” at home and abroad.

(September 21, 2020)

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