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Spring party for international students held on June 19th

The spring party for international students cohosted by both the Faculty of Human Sciences and the Faculty of Sport Sciences was held on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at the Coop, Tokorozawa campus.
A total of 84 people participated in the party, with 45 students and 39 faculty staff members.

We organized a special event, called the TANABATA, in which students wrote wishes on a strip of paper and hung them on a branch of bamboo grass and experienced ‘Nagashi Somen’(*) at the party.
They were excited to catch noodles shooting down a bamboo slide. The bamboos have grown inside Tokorozawa campus and were cut in half to make those bamboo pipes the day before.

Finally, each freshman undergraduate and graduate students introduced themselves briefly and delivered the wishes they wrote on the paper strip. The party opened the door to international students to interact with not only other international students but also faculty staff members. We thank the students for attending the party and look forward to your participation at the next party held in autumn.

(*)Nagashi Somen: The noodles are placed in a long bamboo pipe. The pipe / flume carries clear, ice-cold water. As the sōmen noodles flow down, diners pick them out with their chopsticks and dip them in tsuyu, which is a special sauce used for dipping noodles. (Catching the noodles requires a large amount of skill, but the noodles that are not caught when they reach the end are usually not eaten, so diners are encouraged to catch as much as they can).


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