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External Partnerships

Partnership with Local Governments in Japan

In order to foster human resources who can resolve realistic issues related to public administration, as a professional graduate school, cooperation with local governments and public institutions are being promoted. We welcome employees of agencies as students; those from each such agency make use of skills and networking contacts that they had cultivated at our Graduate School even after completing their course, and have found success broadly, from managing local governments to promoting industry-academia-government cooperation.

At the same time, there are many collaboration projects in progress, such as receiving opportunities and topics for fieldwork from agencies with which we have concluded agreements, as well as establishing joint research groups that make approaches toward problem solution based on cooperation between us and local governments.


Major Activities

  • Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture
    A collaborative agreement for regional development, industrial promotion, and cultivation of human resources was concluded in 2008. Major approaches include the implementation of fieldwork courses in Hokuto City, as well as the hosting of a presentation of results in Hokuto City that introduces the policies for regional revitalization created by students as a result of such courses.
  • Saga City, Saga Prefecture
    Since concluding an agreement in 2009, Saga City has cooperated as a local government that has provided topics for and welcomed the implementation of fieldwork for intensive summer courses over the past 8 years. In addition, starting in autumn of 2010, our university has welcomed nondegree students in the Saga region, and has been implementing classes based on mutual offering with the Waseda Campus using a remote TV conferencing system set up at the Okuma Memorial Museum in Saga City.

Partnership with Overseas Institutions

In the search for measures for public management by NGOs and international organizations, it is important to polish one’s insights regarding international society. We partner actively with foreign universities and local governments, etc., to make it possible for our students to think globally.

  • Portland State University
    Since concluding an agreement in 2004, cooperation has been promoted actively, such as by dispatching students, conducting mutual exchanges of faculty members, and hosting joint symposiums.
  • Jeju National University
    After concluding an agreement in 2008, joint symposiums and research workshops have been implemented mutually between the universities.
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