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Faculty Members for Research Supervision and Seminar

Name of Professor Status Research Field
AGATA, Koichiro [Professor]
Dr. rer. publ.(Hochschule für Verwaltungswissenschaften Speyer)
Public Administration
INATSUGU, Hiroaki [Professor]
Doctor of Laws, Kyoto University
Public Administration, Personnel Administration
KATAYAMA, Yoshihiro [Professor] Local Government, Political Theory
KAWAMURA, Akira [Professor]
Ph.D in Social Economics
Social Economics
KOHARA, Takaharu [Professor] Japanese Local Government
SHIMIZU, Osamu [Professor] Fiscal and Monetary Policy, Tax Policy
SUGA, Koichi [Professor]
Doctor of Economics (Hitotsubashi University)
Public Economics
NOGUCHI, Haruko [Professor]
Doctor of Economics (The Graduate Center, the City University of New York)
Health Economics
FUKUSHIMA, Yoshihiko [Professor]
Doctor of Philosophy in Economics (Stockholms Universitet)
Labor Economics, Public Policy
FUKUDA, Koji [Professor]
Ph.D in Politics(Doshisha University)
International Organization and Administration, EU European Integration(Political and Administrative) Studies, International Public Policy Studies
FUJII, Koji [Professor] Contemporary Public Administration
YAMADA, Harunori [Professor] Quantitative Analysis, Policy Formation


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