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【Language: Chinese/Japanese/Korean (Japanese interpretation)】Symposium “Properties and Private International Law” will be held on 18 September 2021

Item: Symposium

Subject: Properties and Private International Law

Date: Saturday, 18 September, 9:30 to 18:50

Venue: Online (Zoom Webinar)

Part 1, Chairperson: EIZUMI,Yoshinobu (Emeritus Professor, WASEDA University)

1. The Law Applicable to Transactions of Cryptoassets from the Perspective of Proprietary Law
CHUN, Changmin (Professor, Seoul National University of Science and Technology) (Korea)

2. Targeting the Target on Internet in Conflict of Laws
ITO, Takaya (Associate Professor, AOYAMA GAKUIN University) (Japan)

Part 2, Chairperson: KIDANA, Shoichi (Emeritus Professor, WASEDA University)

3. Extraterritorial application of intellectual property law
LEE, Gyooho (Professor, CHUNG-ANG University) (Korea)

4. Harmonization of International Jurisdiction Rules on Intellectual Property―Analysis from the Joint Proposal by Japan and Korea (2010) and the Draft Revision of Private International Law of Korean (2020)
KIM, Eonsuk (Professor, BUNKYO GAKUIN University) (Japan)

Part 3, Chairperson: KIDANA, Shoichi

5. New Developments in Chinese Intellectual Property Law
LI, Jieqiong (Associate Professor, Sun Yat-sen University) (China)

6. The Unification of Substantive Law and Private International Law in the Areas of Intellectual Property
TANEMURA, Yusuke (Associate Professor, WASEDA University) (Japan)

Part 4, Chairperson: YI, Young-Jong (Professor, Catholic University of Korea) (Korea)

7. Comments by Experts
KATAOKA, Tomoyuki (Lawyer)

8. General Discussion

Interpretation available (Korean to Japanese, Chinese to Japanese)

Organizer: TANEMURA, Yusuke (Research Staff, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Waseda University)

Host: Institute of Comparative Law, Waseda University, Joint Research Project “Comparative Studies of Intellectual Property Law and International Trade Law”

Co-Host: Association of Content Property for Next Generation (Korea)

Everyone is welcome to attend free of charge.

Please pre-register for the webinar at the URL below.

May you have any question, please contact Waseda University ICL ([email protected])

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Online (Zoom Webinar)

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