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I enjoy my life in Waseda quite a lot -Zhang Yu

From People’s Republic of China


Zhang Yu

Where are you from?

I am from People’s Republic of China.

Where did you graduate from?

I graduated from Tsinghua University, China.
School of Law (LL.B.), Minor at Psychology

At Kanda River, Tokyo

LL.M. Waseda University

What do you think about Waseda University/ Waseda LL.M.?

Waseda University was strongly recommended by my professor when I told him I wanted to study in Japan.
There are a lot of distinguished law scholars as well as dozens of creative students from all over the world gathering here, and that has made Waseda a perfect university for me to exercise my academic ability and get improved. Plus, Waseda enjoys an enormous good reputation in China, which will be very helpful in work-seeking period. 

This LL.M. program could be an innovative attempt of Waseda University, because there is quite few university in Japan offering this program. I think it’s a good opportunity for law students from other countries to study both Japanese law and the advanced law in the global context. And since most of the courses are students-oriented, I feel greatly honored to be treated as an independent researcher. What’s more, this is an all English program, so it’s more friendly for students who don’t speak Japanese while want to study in Japan. 

How is your life as a student at Waseda?

So far I enjoy my life in Waseda quite a lot. Not only the unique courses but also those varied activities have made my life colorful.
I was impressed by the scene where a lot of clubs and circles trying to attract the freshmen to join them when the new term began, and I often take part in events organized by ICC, which I found very helpful for practicing Japanese and making friends. Besides, thanks to this program, I have made friends with my outstanding classmates from all over the world, from whom I have learnt a lot. What’s the most important is that I feel like a real part of Waseda University. 

How do you like the LL.M. faculty? 

I admire my professors as well as the staff of the office very much. All of my professors are very knowledgeable and professional, always inspiring me with their elaborate perspectives, and they respect us students by encouraging us to share our own ideas and making research on our own, as well as supporting us as much as they can. They are concerned with not only our study and research, but also our daily life in Japan, which makes me feel really relieved. Apart from our professors, the staff are also very responsible and nice. They treat every student and every request of us seriously and fairly, helping us resolve a lot of problems. Although there still are some problems and defects since this is a totally new program, I believe they will make it better and better.

How are you adjusting to life in and around Tokyo?

I was quite lost at first when I came to Tokyo because life here is very different with my past experience. Everything is new, and I didn’t know anyone in Japan. Even the transportation made me very confused. But thankfully, I got a lot of suggestions from my classmates who know Japan better. And I found it really important to have a try and don’t be afraid of failures. Thanks to that, I’m able to find lots of interesting and unique things of Tokyo, and now I really enjoy my life here. 

Where do you live?

I live in the dormitory called WID Waseda. It’s a new one, opened in this April. Although the rent is a little bit expensive, I like it on the whole, because it’s very close to the campus and very safe.

How do you spend your free time?

I have a very fulfilled free time. Usually I will go to the library first, to complete my assignments of that week and to prepare for the next week. On weekends, I enjoy  hanging out in Tokyo with my friends, such as going shopping or watching a movie. Besides, I love going travel around Japan, and every time seems like a brand new adventure to me. Recently, I have started a part-time job, which I think is a good chance to practice Japanese and make money by myself.

Please, write a short message for future LL.M. students!

You may found confused at first just like me, but please don’t feel upset. Keep your eyes open and try to get used to the new things,then you will enter into a wholly fabulous new world. Waseda won’t disappoint you. Enjoy your life here! 

2018 Zhang Yu


Thank you, Zhang Yu, for the comment!

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